The Client Part 4

This is a sequel of Mr.S story.

Finally, i got what he wanted. On Wednesday morning, he came over to the office to collect his Certificate of Probate…

Mr.S: Eh, Frank. How come you never pick up my call?

me: Got ar…

Mr.S: I mean your mobile phone lar.

me: ooooh…i change number already.

Mr.S: WTF lar, i was thinking why my lawyer never pick up my call.
(Note: I am not a lawyer yet. The client always think that i am one because they don’t understand what is a pupil in chamber despite numerous explainations)

me: hahahhha…

Mr.S: Give me your new number.

I reluctantly gave him my new number because my boss was looking at me.

After sorting out the documentations…

me: OKIES, everything is good already. Remember to bring two of your executors to the Bank, you can’t get the money without them.
Mr.S: Ya Ya YA your boss, told me many times already.

You had been told about this SOOOO many times but still asking me every now and then.

me: When you get the money, you must belanja me yam cha lar.

Mr.S: Can ar. Tonight you free or not? We go Uptown yam cha lar.
me: Uptown got nice mamak meh?

Mr.S: Ya!!! The girls there damn chun (pretty) and their voices so SWEEET.

WTF!!! Papaya Farm!!!

me: WAH….REALLY!!! Shit, tonight i got appointment already.
I told a lie….*sob* *sob*

Later in the afternoon, My master asked…

Master: Eh, I heard Mr.S ask you to go Papaya Farm

me: Ya, but i don’t want to go with uncles.

Suddenly the PA interrupted…

PA: Damn stupid lar, you. The GRO don’t layan young man like you lar, you must go with uncles!!!

me: Bugger, how you know?

I didn’t say that…hehehehe

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