The Need For Speed…

On thursday (22/9/2005), the Government announced amendments to the Road Transport Act (RTA) 1987 will be amended to allow police to immediately seize the driving licences of those who engage in seven
categories of reckless and dangerous driving.
The seven categories are:
* Beating the red light;
* Exceeding the speed limit by 40kmph;
* Driving recklessly or dangerously, causing death;
* Driving recklessly and dangerously;
* Driving without due care and attention or without reasonable
* Driving under the influence of liquor or drug; and
* Being in charge of a motor vehicle with alcholol concentration above the prescribed limit or drug.
The government will also raise the qualifying age for riding
motorcycles from 16 years to 17 by early next year.
This move is made in response to the increasing numbers of road fatality rate involving youngsters especially if we have role model like singer Dia Fadilla. This was what she said when she was asked to test drive Suzuki’s brand new Grand Vitara by Malay Mail.

an uprising 20 years singer in the Local Melay Music Industry.
How Fast can Dia goes?
“FROM Shah Alam to KL in 10-15 minutes… on Federal Highway… with a lot of traffic, that’s how fast I am”
[10-15 minutes with a lot of traffic on Federal!!!’s possible if she is coming from Subang Jaya.]
What She love about Town Driving?
“Still, I like town driving. You know, it’s fun to zip around, race
What will she do if someone bully her on the road?
“If such thing happens to me I would fight back. How? I’d race with them (laughs).”
[I seriously hope that her fans will take it as a joke.]
What she hate most above other people’s driving?
“Oh! One more thing, I really cannot stand drivers who don’t indicate
before they change lanes. That would really piss me off. Sometimes when I lost my temper I would. cucuk (tailgate) them.”
[Wah, no need tion kao (tailgate) them guah? Show them some sign language can already.]
How does she think about the new Suzuki Vitara?
“It’s also very sturdy and stable. For instance, some cars, my car
especially, would give me this unstable feeling once it hits a certain
speed, whereas this Grand Vitara is very smooth. I was going at 140kmph just now and I didn’t feel a thing,”
[She was test driving the car with her father on board. hmmm..140kmph with your dad beside you?]
Any advise for your fans on the road?
“My dad once told me although he had been driving for years, he would
never take things for granted and would always be very careful on the road. That’s something I hold on to. I’m still young and I know I still have a lot to learn about cars and being on the road.”
[ooooh, a jaga (protect or keep) image speech…]
In Conclusion
I can understand why she said all that because we were once young and wanna be dangerous as well. Nevertheless, I think she should be more responsible in the message she want to convey to her fans. Driving fast and racing on the road is definately NOT COOL.
On the other hand, this is one of the crappiest Car review i had ever read. Apart from knowing well that Dia Fadilla is a daredevil wannabe from the review, i have no idea how the car performed. Moreover, Malay Mail should not publish motor review by youngster who openly declared that they love racing and driving slowly is boring!!!

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