The day, the light fell on me…

This happened on 23-3-2005, before Malaysia was hitted by earthquake. On that night, as usual i was watching the latest drama that i downloaded. Then suddenly, i heard a lot noise coming from my toilet. To my surprise, i found…

My toilet light, for God know what reason, fell down!

But strangely, the light bulb did not break into pieces.

Hence, I cleaned up the mess and borrowed a ladder from my landlady.

The ladder was very shaky and too short. I had to stand on the highest step to reach the ceiling.
Well again strangely, the light bulb that fell was okay.

March was indeed, a very eventful month for me but the last thing, i would expect was to escape death narrowly. Thank God, i was not taking shower then…or else i would have been FRIED!!!!

11 thoughts on “The day, the light fell on me…”

  1. frank u eat in the toilet while diong your business ah? wah.. i didnt know your work is so stressful..heehhe

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