The prize:
Grand prize of RM2000 and Trophy.
1st Runner up will get RM1000 and Trophy.
2nd Runner up will get RM500 and Trophy.
The process:
Qualifying dates:
1st qualifier will be held on Friday 6th of May
2nd qualifier will be held on Friday 13th of May
3rd qualifier will be held on Friday 20th of May
Last qualifier will be held on Friday 3rd of June
Finals will be held on Saturday 10th of June
3 contestants of each qualifying round will move on to the final.
The final 12 contestants will shuffle their way to the Finals on Saturday 28th of May @ ATMOSPHERE.
To enter download the entry form and submit it to plus a fee of RM25. (UPDATE: LINK FIXED. IN .ZIP FORMAT NOW)
Guess whois going to judge it? 😀


  1. Hayden’s going to judge?
    Or xEs u going to judge ar??
    means can get us free ticks to go in right??

  2. no la. simon cowell and paula abdul are going to be the judge.
    frank: mmm free entry? i doubt that ler hehe

  3. ahahahha, good luck to all u shufflers.
    surely got some ah beng come and spoil the true essence of melbourne shuffle.
    the best part is when our dear judge didn’t actually spend much time in melbourne *coughs coughs*
    Take care.

  4. omg man…this shuffle thing in KL becoming some massive commercial thing already.
    Melbourne also this shuffley thing not so crazy…

  5. looking into this big market, i think it’s a good time to open a melbourne shuffl’ tuition class to the newbies and juniors.. hehe soooner or later it will be very commercialized here anyway

  6. r4v3r: yup!! they will be! trophy? errr. i wonder how it looks like
    kiang: aiyer soon we’ll have melbourne shuffle noodles, drinks and so on
    Gavin: tiu its the same in melbourne la. melbourne has competition as well!!
    karheng: ehhhh… i didnt say i’m judging. havent confirm yet hehe

  7. shuflz smiley: Yalar Johnson, u join lar. We bring pom pom girls to cheer for u lar? What kind of girls u want? Ah lian or La La mui?
    r4v3r: As far as i am concern, there is no restriction of nationality.
    Gavin: Ya, shuffling music as well…dowloading like hot cakes.
    wingk: Ya, good idea then xes and johnson will be rich.

  8. shiets i wanna join!!! ahahahah desperate for cash and free t shirt!!! about i cheng u steak dinner u get me a shirt ehs? ngek ngek kiddinggg

  9. frank_omatic: yeaman definitely joining for this one. Haha can’t la dun bring the pom pom girls wei, i’ll kena big time from my gf! 😛
    Leong: I got your vote to join? yea i’ll go register soons 🙂
    winks: hey girl how you doin 🙂 joining? let me know 🙂 seeyaa

  10. WatErBaby: got T-shirt ar? I want atmos t-shirt too..u get me the t-shirt, i cheng u steak in return can ar?
    shuflz smiley: Eh, good lar. At least i have someone to cheer for if i am going down there.
    Darren: hahaha…next time oni lar..

  11. .myko: That’s Atmosphere dude. Land of shufflers and girls that are your type, that if your taste hasn’t change yet after 2 years. I shall bring u there when u r in m’sia, bro…prior to that, we shall drink our Purple Haze!!!! YES!!!!

  12. hey, heard about the competition. I just want to find out who the judge is cause i cant seem to get that info from anyone. And also who organized it please? Really appreciate that help people, Thanks.

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