The Good Listener

A friend of mine has always been praised as a very good listener. Most of our friends just love to confide in her. Apparently she is so understanding that sometimes the guys want to confide in her, too – as we all know, not many guys reveal their matters of the heart.
So I asked her what was her secret – has she always wanted to be Aunt Agony or a counselor or just born with a good pair of ears?
She didn’t want to tell me her secret. She just said that, “Not everyone wants a solution to their problem. They know how they want their problems solved, but they still want to vent out their frustration or anger.”
What boring advice, indeed. ;P
So the other day, I observed her as a friend of ours chatted to her about her relationship problems.
I felt so cheated! Hehehe.
First, she would look at the speaker in the eyes, and would nod her head accordingly at the right time. But I noticed at times there was a faraway look in her eyes – could her mind have been wandering? ;P
Then, she would often take sips of her drink at appropriate intervals, and say to the speaker, “Well, I’m sure you’ll be alright. You’re just angry, right? You’ll figure out what to do when it’s the right time….”
Bloody hell. She’s just a shoulder to cry on, actually…… I mean, I can do that, too!
Just pretend to listen. ;D

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