The Semifinals of the Melbourne Shuffle Competition @ Station 3, Melaka

Just right after work, Johnson and I rushed to Melaka to judge the semifinals of the Melbourne Shuffle Competition at Station 3, Melaka.
Many thanks to DJ Reeve for picking us up from Pure Bar, getting us a room at Fenix Inn and organizing the event.
Fenix Inn is one unique inn. It consist 3 adjoining shops. The ground floors of each shop consist of a cybercafe, the lobby and a BLOODY CAR PARK respectively. The car park can only fit about 6 cars though. We had to hand in our car keys so that the guards can park and repark the car.

Left, the car park.
Station 3 used to be one of the most happening clubs in Melaka. But it’s been around for almost 6 years and as such, just like many other old clubs, their patronage lately has been dwindling. Therefore, they organized an event to attract the crowd back.

Other than a dance club, Station 3 has a karaoke section. The manager instructed one of the DJs, Gurmit to show us one of their private karaoke rooms. My god, it was huge!!!!!! It has a projector screen, laser lights and even smoke machine! You can even have a private party innit! And it’s very cheap, all you need to do is open 3 bottles of hard liquor. And hard liquor there is about RM199 per bottle :O

They even have a private toilet!
Other than an awesome karaoke room, it has an excellent sound system. I heard the boss spent RM2.5 million on the sound system alone.
However, I hated the interior. I felt I was trapped in an alien space ship. Apparently, their interior is designed by the same person who designed a famous fengtau club in Summit.
Station 3 is also the only club that I’ve been to which makes announcements in English and in the Malay language.
“Ladies and Gentlement, welcome to Station 3. Tonight we’re having the Melbourne Shuffle Competition..”
Tuan-tuan dan Puan-puan, Selamat datang ke Station 3. Malam ini kami akan mengadakan pertanding menari the Melbourne Shuffle!”
Johnson, Gurmit and I were the judges for the night. We were separated to sit in 3 corners. Each of us had a list of contestants with columns of criteria for us to judge (creativity, custome and skill).

Johnson..alone. Heh.
There were 17 contestants. All males. >.< I heard some of them came all the way from Kuala Lumpur and Johor. Wow. The champion will take home RM1000. 2nd and 3rd places will take home RM700 and RM500 respectively.

wow. Phat shirt. So what’s next? Phat ThonG?
After judging 17 contestants, all I could say is that they were good.
And every time a competitor finishes his dance, the Manager would make an announcement. One of them was, “Beer, buy one free one. Beer beli satu percuma satu!”.
I felt like a celebrity after the competition. We had people coming to us wanting to take pictures with us. And we had people waiting outside Station 3’s office for us to come out so that they could take pictures with us. Kembang I tell you. Oh and nice meeting you guys! Cya next week!

New friends 😀

29 thoughts on “The Semifinals of the Melbourne Shuffle Competition @ Station 3, Melaka”

  1. xes: Syok la..make new female friend…and like all u need to do is just do someth more to make ppl ask for ur signature bro..ehehe..

  2. fuh!kinda look nice woh.It’s true S3 business not so good now. 1year i back in melaka also never go there,coz non of my fren wanna go 🙁
    alwayz pure JD aloha pure JD aloha.
    Shuffler heat kinda rising slow in melaka.
    Juz recently melaka techno trance coming back after been totally shut down by mlk gorvenment for quite a long time.Soon la..if this competition sucessful pull the crowd back & let S3 get back it’s old days…u’ll be famous..heh.
    Friday i was at MMU pc fair, but i’ll surely go jenguk the 31th final . cya there
    >>Kembang boy XD

  3. i want to learn melbourne shuffle!!!
    it’s a good side income weh!
    xes: do u get paid for being a judge?

  4. eletronicfly: ehehe u make one la!!
    Kian: wahlao.. that is too much wei. imagine signing my autograph on my own picture!
    amos: yeah la. kian damn hamsap hahahah
    bombobum: u’re famous whattt.e.alot of ppl asked me who u areee heheh
    Ben: dowan la. later i’ll get bash up in melaka. heheh but they were all good dancers la. so no need to kutuk keke
    Alive: hehe thanks man. although my teeth is not showing :S
    bosanova; hehe i think s3 needs to be revamped and rebranded, then only they could attract the crowd back. ok cu this friday! come and say hi pls!
    eric: yeah damn cheap!!!
    galferari: aiyo melb shuffle is not about making money wei! hehe yea i got paid. just enough to cover expenses man hehe
    rotifish: no la you’re the superstar DJ here! hehe!

  5. ahahah bimbobum: ur famous la..ur that gal who has that paperbag with two holes for eyes over ur face. 😛
    galferari: what happened to ur ambition of becoming rich tai tai?

  6. WOooh…last pic xes is like ghost.
    I also wanna take pic with xes. Who knows one day he becomes Malaysia’s number 1 hamsap lou. Kihkihkih.
    Then i can tell ppl “I know that guy!! He used to be called Xes but now he is called Sex.”

  7. Yeah. thats the club right opposite the jail. So convenient for raids. save on petrol, just bring everybody accross the road and dump them in the cell.

  8. heyy guys..i dint expect that those pictures are gonna be uploaded! cool~ Luckly i looked “ok” in the pics. hahaha… see yah on friday!

  9. wei xes!!! i like those pics u uploaded… haha… since my face ada kat most of it… bwahahaha… man! give me your email… i wanna send u some final pics… mau ka tak mau?? hehe

  10. wah, boss must be rich..spent millions on the club..and paying 1000 for first prize..
    woot woot
    i wanna judge too..hahaa…must observe observe first..
    shufflers beware…*runs…

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