receiving gifts that are not ‘you’

“oh, for me? *happy* thank you!!!”

ok, admit it. how often do you get surprise presents which you don’t really like? and how often are you made to unwrap your present in front of the giver?
i’ve always had a problem hiding my facial expressions, so i get uncomfy when givers make me open their presents before them. “open up!!! don’t have to wait until you reach home. open it up now!”
and i’ll brace myself for the worse, forcing the big grin to remain on my face, no matter what. not an easy task.
it’s the thought that counts, right? but ….. if i don’t like the gift, how?
5 years ago, i celebrated my first valentine’s day with the new boyfriend (then!). and he had told me what he wanted – even it was a boring gift, but at least i wouldn’t go wrong – it’ll be something he’ll use AND like.
he had gotten me my gift earlier, which i never had a say in it. hopefully it’ll be good.
so before dinner, he was excited and wanted us to open up our gifts before we left. yay, he liked his. and it was my turn. oh wow, exactly want i needed. yay, thanks! i was happy that he was thoughtful. so could we go now?
but now, he insisted i tried it. he wanted to see my reaction.
so i did.
and my happiness faded just a lil bit.
i didn’t really like it. = it wasn’t my type! shucks.
“put a happy face, put a happy face!” i kept telling myself inside my head.
“oh. you don’t like it? i can tell from your face.” he remarked sadly.
“NO! no no …. i like, thanks! really… you know i need this.” i assured him.
to cut the long story short, it’s really tough when someone close to you gets you presents you may not like at all. i remember buying presents for my siblings, and i thought i was clever when i bought walnuts for my sister’s hamsters to nibble on. (it broke their teeth, yes-i’m-so-stupid!) but she didn’t like the gift. i felt really bad when i found out.
the same thing happened when a friend who has NEVER bought me a present before, brought something for me for my chinese new year open house. excitedly i opened the box (after he’d gone), curious to see what was in it.
“it looks like he gave you something his parents didn’t want.” my friend remarked, as we stared at it, dumbfounded.
anyway, it’s the thought that counts, definitely. but still! at least something you KNOW the person will definitely like! or grow to like it.. i mean, you are close to that person, so you should know what that person likes. ;P
p.s. you’re not going to guess what the bf (then!) got me, right? i can guess what xes is going to guess… let’s just say that whenever i went out with him (the bf then, not xes), i had to put it on.

18 thoughts on “receiving gifts that are not ‘you’”

  1. dats why i always stay neutral all the time. just open and chuck in inside my bag, say thank you, give a big kiss and balik rumah cry. Haha. Well, I didn’t cry la, just dissapointed oni. Guys can be bad with presents. If a guy fren come up to me and ask me for advise what to give to their gf, I would suggest PDA, IPod, that will never go wrong.

  2. electronicfly: lucky you! hehe.
    obeliskdee: sometimes not that easy ma.
    rych: cos i know xes sure will wanna guess ma. hehe. ;P
    p.s. scent.

  3. I know what it is!!
    Its a remote controlled dildo!!! XD
    Bimbobum’s bf: “Go ahead try it!!”
    Bimbobum: “Urmmm…ok….”
    *BrrRRmmmmmm* (makes vibrating noise)
    *Bimbobum face twists until one kind*
    Bimbobun’s bf: “You don’t like it do you? I can tell from your face.”
    Bimbobum: “Uhhh..yeah i really could use this….thanks!”
    Hahah…sorry can’t resist. 😛

  4. angeline: yup yup. ;P gardenia (flower) smell. not my type.
    wolfx: aHahAHahAHhaHAhaAHhaAHahAHahAHHAhAAH cos he bought the wrong size issit? aHahaHhaHAha

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