The Simpsons Movie

I laughed out loud when I heard Homer Simpson sang “Spider Pig Spider Pig, does whatever a spider pig does” on one of the Simpson trailers. I’ve been a fan of The Simpsons since it started off in the Tracy Ullman show.
I was extremely delighted when news of the new Simpsons movie will be out this month. My friends and I bought 5 tickets from GSC 1 Utama cinema on Thursday, 2 days before we were due to watch it. We split the tickets into half, 3 kept by ivN and another 2 kept by me.
On the next day, I couldn’t remember whether I took the ticket out from my pocket or left it in my pocket. I had to rush something at work hence I didn’t call my Mum to check on it.
And when I came home..

/(*O*)\ ZOMGGGG!!!!!
My Spider Pig tickets!!!!!!!!!
My 2 tickets transformed into half a ticket!!
On Friday, I went to see the staff of GSC to explain my calamity. The lady in charge asked me to come back on Saturday. Fortunately, they didn’t brush me off and forced me to buy a new ticket.
On Saturday, I had 3 staff accompanying me into the cinema to verify whether the seat that I’ve bought was occupied. It was pretty troublesome. The staff restrained us from entering the cinema until the verification was completed.
Upon verification, we were allowed into the cinema without being issued a new ticket 😀

7 thoughts on “The Simpsons Movie”

  1. F
    Very lucky for u. But super troublesome. Have to go there 3 times. ahaha. i watch it on friday. very StuPIG & funny. abit disappointed with the storyline though. what happen to the lake? at first can see monster… then out of sudden it just end there. i was hoping that lots of animals will transform into monster after getting into the lake…that time super good shit man. 🙁

  2. They needed THREE (3) staff just to verify that the seats were not taken? Talk about inefficient allocation of manpower 😛

  3. Already 2 examples how too much Simpsons can make you slow.
    XES – Lose of short term memory by leaving ticket in clothes to be washed.
    VISITOR – Not exercising any sense by posting up spoiler.
    DOH…its already too late for me, so ill be watching the movie this coming weekend.

  4. opps..! i’m sorry. i really dont mean it. what i’ve said is purely for discussion but my mistake for not considering those whonot yet watch the movie. words has been said cant be taken back.. unless Xes can delete the first post. but i owe you readers an apology. Sorry sorry. 🙁

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