The Ultimate Throne



It comes with a heated seat. It feels great especially when one land his or her buttock on a chilly day.

It comes with an adjustable butt spray as well. Although not very clean, it’s useful when one have too many things to wipe.

Oh, it even has Braille words for the blind too 😀

Satisfaction guaranteed!

But this throne isn’t as great as the one da.textile.nerd posted. The one she used could play music!


Butt spray toilet bowls are not very common in Malaysia. I remember a friend telling me that,

“Eh you know ah, when I was in the girl’s toilet in Mid Valley right, I saw a girl washing her hands with the butt spray”

That shows how well known butt sprays are in Malaysia.

16 thoughts on “The Ultimate Throne”

  1. hey. thanks for that comment you posted in one of my posts. yeah, the error was due to the server =/ i’m sure u’ve read that atmospherique la maison and zoukout post already. i’ve clearly stated that 90% of the post is courtesy of, okay! i don’t wanna be the next XXESS. LOL ;p

  2. Washed her hands with butt spray??? My God… I didn’t think anyone would need a manual to know you’re not supposed to do that!

  3. so xes, did u tried touching the sprayer or something as well? :p
    how come nowadays so many posts about toilets 😛
    i heard abt these built-in sprayer toilet seats from parkinson’s interview with will smith. damn i love that particular episode. 15minutes of stomach-aching laughter

  4. Does japanese butt sprays toilets have cameras in them? I heard they can be quite the perverts……
    xes, u kena take picture of ur bum also u don’t know.

  5. julie: keke thanks for crediting me. i read your blog sometimes
    Darren: wah. KK has butt spray..not bad
    King: bWahahhaha anything that comes out from the toilet bowl should not be touched!
    datextnerd: update la!
    honfaai: no la, i didnt touch teh things inside keke. what interview is it? where to download?
    peggy: hehe we’re gonna start a toilet marathon post
    gguni: hahahahaahahahha yeah man. i hope they didnt have spy cam in the toilet i went to la.
    whut: wooooo penang’s hi techh
    Miracle: i’m back already! i climbed last sunday le. where were u la?? this sunday climbing!

  6. umm. u know the weekly interview show? hosted by Parkinson. its always on Channel 70 astro. They always replay wan la. i saw the will smith’s interview 2 or 3 times edi. i dont really know where to dl. will do a quick search 4 u later though.
    also, i think ur stand on the zoukabuse is right. so many ppl talked abt it. i think there’s no point to discuss on the same matter anymore as it doesnt relate to anyone here. not like anyone can give the issue a helping hand

  7. I remember once when i was like 12 years old, i was at some auto-show at PWTC and they had butt sprays. But the person who designed that toilet was an idiot. The flush and the butt spray handle were literally next to each other. As a kid, i just wanted to flush and get out, not realising there were 2 handles. Barger….i pressed the wrong handle, and DOOOSH!!! Strong jet of water came from the bowl and wet my shirt and pants…… >_>

  8. honfaai: yeah man..everybody’s talking about it. even during yamcha session, someone just has to talk about it.. duh btw i dont have aastrooo arghh
    wolfx: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH LOL!!!!!!!!!!

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