The Waiting game

I remember when our prime minister, Datuk Abdullah Badawi ascended the helm of the governmentship, one of his promise was to cut the red tape in the government department. 2 years has pass but little has been done. In fact from my personal experience, none has been done AT ALL.
On Thursday (7/4/2005), i was sent to a government office to enquire about a certain procedure for a matter that i am handling. I reached the office by 2:30pm and the office was still empty. That was not surpising to me at all because i understand that not all the people would return from lunch on time. Ok, fine. I sat down on the bench, reading some documents.
15 minutes later, finally, a lady walked into the office. I waited until she was comfortable sat on her chair. As i approached her, she was wiping her table. I stood before her counter, watching her.
“yes?” she asked while still wiping the table.
“Hello, good afternoon. I want to enquire about something. Is this the correct place?” I asked politely.
“Yes. What do you want to ask?”
So, i told her about my matter.
“Ah…ok.” She said. She looked a bit confuse.
“ummm..Puan, (Madam in Bahasa Melayu)what is solution?”
“ummmm, u write letter to enquire lar.”
“Puan, this matter is urgent. If you can kindly help me, i shall be grateful.”
“ummmm, u wait ar. I will ask my colleague later because i am new here.”
“What the fuck!!! You are new here and you act like you know everything!” I cursed her, silently.
“Can i please speak to an officer?” I requested
“Don’t worry, my colleague is a senior officer,” She assured me.
“Ok, No problem. I will wait. Thank you for your kind assistance,” I said with a smile.
So, i waited for another 15 minutes. Another lady entered the room. The first lady gestured me to come forward. I told the 2nd lady about my matter again.
“Ahhhhhh….this matter, very easy only. You do this this this and that that that.” the 2nd lady explained.
“Ok, i repeat. I am suppose to do this this this and that that that,” I repeated what she told me.
“Ummmm…should be like that lar,” she said
“Puan, May i please have a copy of the sample?”
“Huh? That one i don’t know. You have to talk to my supervisor. I am only the clerk here.”
“Ok, no problem. Can i please see him if he is free?”
“He ar…he is in a meeting lar.”
“Ok, i will wait. Thank you.”
So, i waited for another 30 mins and i am expected to be back in the office in another 30 mins time. I went up to the counter again. This time, the two ladies were already having their afternoon tea.
“Puan, when is Encik ABC’s meeting gonna end?”
“You wait lar, very fast only.”
“Ummm…you cannot give me the sample with your supervisor’s approval?”
” No lar, not like that. I can give you but my supervisor have to give the approval.”
“Ok, i will come back another day.”
ARGHHHH…..stupid red tape! Why can’t they just give me the sample. Afterall, it is just a few piece of papers with guideline written on it. I wasted my afternoon at that stupid office, speaking to two dumb lady.

11 thoughts on “The Waiting game”

  1. hmmmm, it is not surprising at all frank. why are you angry or disappointed? live with it man. we r basically used with these kind of stuffs.
    so when u go 2 such places, u must have e LOWEST EXPECTATION & b prepared 2 have all kinds of funny stuffs like SYSTEM DOWN, GO 4 MEETING, OUT 4 IMPORTANT MATTER, MEALS & OTHER ‘UNKNOWN” REASONS. e efficiency level is e lowest of all places on earth. so dun waste ur anger on such stuffs, it will nvr improve. when u have no expectations, then u will b a happier man leaving those places.

  2. huh … lu mau cut red tape ka? ok macam ni – kamu pergi Jabatan XYZ, pastu pergi kat Jabatan ABC angkat borang JKL, lepas tu isikan borang itu, kepil kan IC kamu dengan salinan surat beranak dan kemudian pergi Kaunter 888 bayar RM2 untuk yuran administrasi dan tunggu 3 minggu
    Kalau lepas 3 minggu belum dapat jawapan, kamu balik ke jabatan …

  3. Typical example. First world infra but third world mind! 2020 remains as a DREAM unless change the government staffs who are third world mind.

  4. Patience is a virtue. I think that’s what they’re trying to teach us. So got moral behind the story.

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