Xes.cx Trance Mix 5

Sorry everyone for the delay in releasing mix 5. I’ve just been busy and next week i’ll be releasing number 6 before i go on a 2 months vacation mode.
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The tracklisting for mix 5:
Lange ft. The Morrighan – Follow Me
DJ Mind-X ft. Unknown – Mon Voyage
DJ Tatana – Sunset Beach
Nebulus – Destination Paradise
Callisto – Ways
Trancestral (Sasha LSD) – Nightly Party
Blank and Jones – A Forrest
GC – Nebbruchar’s Ghost
Alex Megane vs. Marc Van Damme – Hava Nagila
DJ Ramon Zerano vs. Marc Korn – Tears in My Eyes
Rumble – Oh Nee Nee

9 thoughts on “Xes.cx Trance Mix 5”

  1. whyrl: yeah apparently the principal gave us 1 month to chill before SPM and another 1 month for us to build shelter due to the increasing number of earthquakes in sumatra,LOL.btw, another 6.5 earthquake just went off in sumatra.
    frank_omatic:c,mon i’m sure you get more vacation than i do!
    xes:sorry leh, airplane ticket already book liao.

  2. i was trying to download but why canot download??
    just can listening ….
    sigh! i wan to download!!!!!!
    rych! why only can listen??
    u go where vacation??
    so relax huh u?
    why no bring me go ?
    enjoys ya trip then

  3. Frank_omatic:i think it was you who told me that isn’t it?
    Irene:i’m sorry the link has been fixed.Right click once on the link and select “save as”

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