This is London calling…

Oh boy, it’s almost 6a.m and I haven’t slept a wink. Anywayz, it has been a loOOOng while, hasn’t it? Now, where do I begin? Same old. My life as it is substantially revolves around the BVC (Bar Vocational Course). No romantic dramas of any sort. The never-ending assessments until May, court visits, dining sessions, job applications and the list goes on…it all made me feel as if I have lost my “lust for life”. I guess I don’t party as hard, drink as much as before. Somehow I have lost these enthusiasms at one point or another. What’s going on! Let the insomniac ramble on”You guys must have worked out by now, you will come to know this old and domesticated being that need to be taught the meaning of P-A-R-T-Y again: P

Thankfully, I still have my friends to keep me sane at all times. I suppose, beneath the elegance of a barristers’ suit lay an infinite effort to keep it going. Chinatown is like my second home for one reason. Hunger satisfaction. I eat like I’ve never eaten before. πŸ˜€ Oh common…that’s the closest thing I can get to mummy’s home cook food. *sob*sob*

O.K, ramblings aside. London Fashion Week was held on the 14th -19th February 2004. This is followed by the London Fashion Weekend which is on the Thursday 19th Feb- Sunday 22nd Feb 2004. “London Fashion Week-End invites the public to take part in the glamour of Fashion Week and snap up style tips and bargains. The event takes place in temporary tents erected in front of the Duke of York’s Headquarters on the King’s Road. Over 100 LFW designers selling clothes and accessories at standard retail prices.”

Retail therapy, anyone? πŸ˜€

Ohh boy..the sun is up..and I was meant to get up in 2 hr’s time. 😑

8450_Um1b1 (20k image)

4 thoughts on “This is London calling…”

  1. Finally siewlee Blogs! Been wandering where u’ve been all this while.Without u, all we have was xes blogging about his pathetic and nasty neighbours and his MILF experience πŸ˜› (Juz Kiddin)Glad to hear from u! Hope will see more of u soon……

  2. Hi SiewLee πŸ™‚ How are you? Went for LFW? See you’ve been visiting my site *GrinS* Hmm..the pics turned out clearer here than on my page. I thought it was something to do with my compilation but i think it’s just my page that didn’t put it up too well =) *hugs*

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