Birthday 2001

It was 24th September 2001. I was celebrating my 20th Birthday. We had a drinking session for my birthday @ my Hall’s pub i.e Tapton Hall. I had 4 pints (1 pint = 1 1/2 mug) of Snake Bite Black (beer, cider and cranberry juice). I was fcking pissed and was running around. My classmates were also damn drunk. They were running around talking cock.

I was at the lobby trying to recuperate. My friends and some strangers were talking there. There were 2 girls. One of them spoke to me. Everything seems so blur and I didnt pay attention to who I was talking to.

She said, “Are you okay?”
Me: I’m fine. What?s your name?
?I’m Dorothy?
Me: Oh what are you doing here in Sheffield??

Then suddenly, someone shouted, “She’s my mother!”

I turned and looked at the person sitting next to Dorothy. I tried to focus. And as everything got clearer, Dorothy was actually a middle age lady and the person who shouted was actually Dorothy’s daughter. Oh man, I was so embarrassed,.

11 thoughts on “Birthday 2001”

  1. ryuu: dont laugh! next time you’ll kena too!! kekefrank: i think you wre drunk..yeah u were drunk..cause we kinda sabo u that night ahaamichaelooi: it’s quite strong.. my guai poh friend told me that snake bite black makes ppl drunk faster πŸ˜€ gguni: i knew someone will say that!! no la..not MILF laaaa.. papaya not good

  2. frank: yeah mah.. further i like the taste of it πŸ˜€ mie: hopefully not!!!! πŸ˜€ frostie: dont like la, i like fresh oneswolfx: have u seen the poster saying beer is the best cause it givse ugly ppl the chance to get laid? maeve: ehhe ran out of idea already πŸ˜€ next time la but there are older comics under worthy post!

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