This is Peer 2 Peer

I had my Honda sent for an oil change recently and the next morning i noticed that there were lights flashing on the dashboard right the moment i turned the key. Some say its normal, some say just ignore it but hell not to be a paranoid i swear the lights were not there before i changed the engine oil.So i tried looking for my car’s handbook only to realise that i thrashed it during last Christmas house cleaning.
Phear not, being a net geek that i am, i am 15024923% confident that i will find the manual somewhere on my file sharing software and almost without hesitation i fired up my most trustworthy p2p and almost instanly it returned 21312123 results when i keyed in “honda”. I took sometime to skim through the results and decided to download the 3 closest relevant i could find.
moments later…..
it finally finished downloading, and of course i double clicked.
nevermind i probably downloaded the wrong file, but then the rest of the files i downloaded were
The next time you lose your key, you know what to look for on kazaa.

14 thoughts on “This is Peer 2 Peer”

  1. stupid rych, when didja start blogging here har?! ISH WHY SO HARD FOR ME TO ACCESS THIS FUCKING BLOG ONE!! FINALLY CAN VIEW IT!! CIBAI ARRRRRR.. heh.

  2. frank_omatic:its okay i understand that you are buzy, i’ll try to upload the rest of the mixes myself(that’s if this wifi !@#!@#!@# connection of mine doesn’t get timed out half way)
    Darren:From Kazaa maybe?why do you want to be nicholas cage?
    yvonne:LOL, i don’t know but what i can say is that the diagrams alone are pretty sufficient, you only have to figure out what tools those are.
    Applegal:Yeah, that’s pretty crazy i’m not sure if they made manuals for any other car models, but apparently those manuals are in some language outside malaysia. So until the malaysian thieves get access to the full manual, i guess the honda users here are still pretty safe with a stock alarm system.

  3. flint:I’m not a car thieve lah!!!LOL!!!why dont you go try it on your friends car?
    Irene:Please refrain from using the word CB/LJ/KNN/CH and you know lah.I guess sometimes is on full load thats why its hard for you to come here sometimes.

  4. oh my dear rych..finally u write something here sia!! hahaha
    realise when i say the word’s like calling ur last name..not being rude la k..hahaha
    i don’t understand….^^
    but glad u r back blogging

  5. xes: Yeah the balloon thingie caught my eye too, but I can imagine you’ll be standing by the person’s car for a while before the balloon gets fully inflated 😛 Enough time for the owner or the police to come around? 😛

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