Pirates – Digital Harbour

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Hi guys, thought i’d pay tribute to Pirates of the Carribean by coming up with this mixset. Hard and Bassy as usual except the last track(which happen to be my favourite track right now) Have fun and don’t explode your speakers.
1)Tiesto – He’s a Pirate (Ochestral mix)
2)Aalto feat supre8 – 5 (Maori’s Deep mix)
3)Scott Matt – Damager 2 (Mark Sherry mix)
4)Ace De Brain – Depths of Doom
5)Tocs – 1(Scott Project mix)
6)Megara vs Dj Lee – For a Moment
7)Elektra – The Freak (Deep mix)
8)Kamui – Ghosts (Energy mix)
9)Hysterie – Be My Lover (Virus Inc. mix)
10)Max Savietto – Alone (Sa.Vee.Oh mix)
11)Tiesto feat. Allure – The Love We Lost
12)Gabriel and Dresden feat. Molly – Tracking Treasures Down

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xes.cx – Awan Biru mix

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Featuring half an hour of hardstyle and acid!
1)Sa.Vee.Oh – Loop Hole
2)Nish – Sagitarius(Alphazone remix)
3)Pedro Ferarri and Del Mar – Ways of Love(Instrumental hard dance mix)
4)Mikesh – Sounds of Brutal Club
5)Chemistry – Heartbeat
6)Deepforces – Rock Your Club
7)Dj Lee – Fight Hard
8)Dj Unni – Tribute to Dance
9)Deepforces – Danger
10)Mario Lopez – The Sound of the City
11)Dj Goldfinger – Can’t Stop Me
12)Deepforces – Harder!
13)Jon Dentist and Ollie J – Feels so Good(Guyver remix)
14)Dj Pavo – Fuck Fucker
15)The Prophet – Emergency Call(Defcon 1 2005 anthem)
16)The Prophet – Wee Gan Stampuh 2006
17)Dj Zenith – Energy 2006
18)Hellboyz – Winners(Brainkicker remix)
19)John Fehris and Blutonium Boy – Hardstyle vs Acid
20)Surrounder – The Journey(Hardstyle mix)
21)Mental Theo vs Kubrik – Anthem


Xes.cx – Clubbing System mix

(sorry bout the picture i couldn’t find a better one LOL)
A couple of older tracks but i must say this is my favourite set so far and it just makes me wanna tap my foot and go on a clubbing frenzy even on a monday night. Set kicks off with mellow trance and then gradually pumps harder mid way.Your-typical-clubbing-in-KL-type of music and i hope you all like it as much as i do!
1)Aces Delight vs Baced – Destiny
2)Pervading Call – Two
3)m.i.k.e – Strange World
4)Blank and Jones – Catch (Martin Roth mix)
5)Starsplash – Eternity
6)Dumonde – Ich Will Raus
7)Tiesto – Magik Journey(old school mix)
8)Delirium – Silence (unreleased mix)
9)Artist and song name witheld for protection
10)Liquid Soill – Keep Turning Around(Empyre one remix)
11)Blank and Jones – Mind of the Wonderful(Martin Roth remix)
12)Tiesto – Love comes Again

Xes.cx – Dance Department mix

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its really hard to make a mix to cater to everyone’s liking so i’ve decided to hybrid this mix with the most popular genre. The mix kicks off with hardstyle, then mellow hardhouse, madness electro hardhouse, hardhouse,trance, hard trance and finally vocal trance.Since it only took me now to post this, im just remembering the tracklisting by memory. I might miss out a couple of tracks in the list but what the hell, the fengtau element is there.
citizen x – lonely
Groove Coverage – The Last Unicorn(Deepforces rmx)
Kindervater – ftp://013.07.974
Sa.Vee.Oh – Nohacker.exe
Sa.Vee.Oh – Global anthem
Kindervater – steinwenberg
Malec – Let me take you on a journey
Dave 202 – Moonlight
Dark by Design – Bitch
Sunblind – Believe (nunrg/p.h.a.t.t. rmx)
Dj Dean – Music is my life (Dave Joy rmx)
Heaven’s Cry – Till Death do us a apart (Yoji Biomehanika rmx)
Pet Shop Boys – Home and Dry(Blank and Jones rmx)
pump da bassline but don’t break anything while you’re blasting.LOL

Xes.cx Special Mix

This is meant to be released before christmas but i couldn’t made it in time for the special occasion. The playlist consists of mostly requests from friends and fans and personal favourites. Tracklisting as follow.

1.Dj X-Sonic and Nautilus – Hymen of the Nautilus (Megara vs Dj Lee rmx)
2.666 – Insanity (Megara vs Dj Lee rmx)
3.Nouky – When The Rain Begins to Fall (Megara vs Dj Lee rmx)
4.Kenny Takito – Connected
5.Starsplash – Rainbow in the Sky (Megara vs Dj Lee rmx)
6.Rock Ryders – Don’t You Know (Full on Vocal Edit)
7.Dj Tiesto – Traffic (Cosmic Gate rmx)
8.Vanessa Mae – White Bird (Cosmic Gate rmx)
9.Alphazone – Immortal (Ceylon rmx)
10.Dj Tiesto – Just Be (Antillas rmx)
11.Voodoo and Serano – Blood is Pumping 2005
12.Digitally Imported – sod (rych Vocal hard mix)
Yeah and lastly, happy new year people!
note:Link holds for 7 days only. Yousendit doesn’t support multi-downloading or resuming, so please use single download. File approximately 49.9mb coded in 128kbps
[EDIT] new link http://www.quickdump.com/files/433584179.html

This is Peer 2 Peer

I had my Honda sent for an oil change recently and the next morning i noticed that there were lights flashing on the dashboard right the moment i turned the key. Some say its normal, some say just ignore it but hell not to be a paranoid i swear the lights were not there before i changed the engine oil.So i tried looking for my car’s handbook only to realise that i thrashed it during last Christmas house cleaning.
Phear not, being a net geek that i am, i am 15024923% confident that i will find the manual somewhere on my file sharing software and almost without hesitation i fired up my most trustworthy p2p and almost instanly it returned 21312123 results when i keyed in “honda”. I took sometime to skim through the results and decided to download the 3 closest relevant i could find.
moments later…..
it finally finished downloading, and of course i double clicked.
nevermind i probably downloaded the wrong file, but then the rest of the files i downloaded were
The next time you lose your key, you know what to look for on kazaa.

Rych Mix #5

Gavin’s site bandwidth was raped it seems.. So here goes the torrent, please support seeding to remain the the torrent lifespan longer 🙂 Thanks
Mix #5 : Torrent Info
Track Listing
Lange ft. The Morrighan – Follow Me
DJ Mind-X ft. Unknown – Mon Voyage
DJ Tatana – Sunset Beach
Nebulus – Destination Paradise
Callisto – Ways
Trancestral (Sasha LSD) – Nightly Party
Blank and Jones – A Forrest
GC – Nebbruchar’s Ghost
Alex Megane vs. Marc Van Damme – Hava Nagila
DJ Ramon Zerano vs. Marc Korn – Tears in My Eyes
Rumble – Oh Nee Nee