Tokyo Day 1!

The first few hours in Japan was fucked. I got lost in Narita Airport. I got into the wrong gate and accidentally gave my train ticket to the wrong person. I spent half an hour describing in broken Japanese and searching for my ticket. Fortunately, one of the staff there found my ticket within a stack of used tickets. Oh boy, what a great start.

The weight of my backpack almost killed me, especially when I had to wander around searching for train stations and my hotel. My shoulders ached. Its shitty when you travel alone in a foreign place with little knowledge of their system. Their public phones were in Japanese. Train stations were scattered around and not many people speaks English.

After leaving my luggage at my hotel (ANA Hotel Tokyo @ Minato-ku), I headed straight to the Malaysian Embassy. I ended up in Shibuya station and asked for directions. The first bus driver asked me to go to the other side of the station. I went. Found nothing. I asked another bus driver again. This time, he gave me directions and claimed that its within walking distance. So I thought, I was saved. Guess how long did I take to walk to the embassy? FUCKING 20 minutes!!!
I met up with Jane, my former Uni Hall mate. We had lunch @ Shibuya. According to her, the restaurant serves huge portions at a cheap price. It�s true, I had a bowl of noodles and a huge plate of rice at the price of 800 yen. We chatted and did a lot of catching up.

Shibuya 109

Hachinko statute and an Ah Lian looking Jap chick.

We dropped by our hotel to rest. She was hooked to the television. I fell asleep though. I haven�t been resting since 730AM!

Jane & I @ my hotel..this was after we…ummm…watch TV..heehe

View from my hotel room.

Dinner was at a restaurant at Roppongi. It was really pricey but the workers seemed to be very happy all the time.

Chef with a moustache made from seaweed. “Not all Japanese are like me”, he said.

We headed to Ronppongi Hills to get a great view of Tokyo Tower.

15 thoughts on “Tokyo Day 1!”

  1. 20 minutes of walking is nothing man. last time when i was studying there, i need to walk for 15minutes to the train station, then take the train for 45 minutes, then walk for 5 minutes to school, EVERYDAY!

  2. Me Wolf….you Jane. We go do some jungle dance.Haha. Anyway…cool pics. Ppl in restaurant happy cause get to take away gaijin’s money like yours. I want to go Japan. When u go next time?

  3. di0n: photo albm ah..ehhe malas to make one la. i like to design my own page eheh afser: you’re missing my point man, what im trying to say is, i tot the distance ebtween the train station and the embassy was just a corner away. but in fact its more than 20 mins! btw how long were u in japan?fann: hehe okok tomolo!! frank: quickly get streamxy wei haehea wolfx: not sure yet! it would depend on whether or not i pass my exams!!

  4. WHAT? she watch tv and u sleep!!!could’ve slipped some events between entering the room and sleeping isn’t it 😛

  5. haha yeah same. well if you want a poorly coded one, let me know. but it calls for alot of renaming of pictures.or you can try, this one allows you to fit it into you design. it pretty much just requires a header and a footer.oh yeah, i finally managed to get MT 2.661 (latest version before paid one came out). so if you want it, let me know, or i can tell you how to download it off the MT site.

  6. Dude! you’re suppose to post HOT japanese chicks on your site so we know what a pervert you really are! hehe! :p Instead we get some ‘ah lian’ type chiq…brrr gives me the shivers! Dude NO MORE OF THAT STUFF! YOU HEAR! Ok rant over! lol!

  7. gguni: tv != unfunf!! but if so, u doze off after unf unf? ahahahaha icee: dude! sorry mate! i didnt take any voyeur shots of pretty jap chicks!! didnt get the chance to! maybe next time! 😀 di0n: read my reply on the next post!

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