Tokyo Day 3 – day time

Tokyo Day 3 – Day time
Initially Jane thought that I have been to Japan. However, once she found out that it was my first time, she immediately brought me to Asakusa, a tourist area.

Asakusa main attraction is the Asakusa shrine. The only thing that interests me was the huge red lanterns. Further, there was a row of souvenirs shops leading to the shrine. Katana cost about 6000YEN to 13000YEN. I didn?t have enough money to buy one.

You can get your fortune told at the shrine as well. All you need to do is donate 100YEN, shake a container containing wooden sticks with numbers. Once a wooden stick falls off, get the number and look for the drawer which contains the predictions. The paper that contains your fortune is called omikuji.

Jane was extremely happy with her predictions. Hers was something between the line of, ?be patient and you?ll be rich and famous?.

Unfortunately, I got a fucking bad prediction. It went something like,

‘Loyalty is of no use. Hard work has no value as it could only avoid damage. Sickness will take long time to cure. Stop or cancel all trips’

I was devastated! It?s just as bad as the prediction from Frank?s tarot cards. Fortunately, according to Jane, we could avoid the predictions by leaving the omikuji at the shrine.

We had dinner there. tekken don was awesome!

4 thoughts on “Tokyo Day 3 – day time”

  1. I thought you had to hang the prediction on one of the trees at the temple to avoid bad prediction? It seems to me its a win win situation if u get good or bad. Hahaha

  2. di0n: marry a japanese girl then ehehhe wolfx: mm not a tree! but there’s something for u to hang bad predictions there!

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