new climbing shoes!

Well well, I bought myself a kick ass rock climbing shoe. The rubber is really good, really useful when I want to smear. No more god damn gym climbing shoes!

If you guys want to buy cheap climbing equipment (in Klang Valley), just drop me a note. I’ll give you the guy’s number.

Ping and I went to watch the bouldering competition at The Summ1t Cl1mb1ng GYM. The routes were amazingly tough, especially the routes for the men’s open!!

The best part of the competition wasn?t watching people bouldering. The best part was the sight of Chinese and Malay climbers sitting together watching people climb. Everyone was cheering for everybody, regardless of race. Malaysia boleh!!

9 thoughts on “new climbing shoes!”

  1. it’s always nice to hear different races cheering for everyone. but generally from what i’ve noticed in the past, since we’re such a multi-racial culture, it’s hasn’t been as bad as one would like to think. but then again, you will always have those few who will hate.maybe i’ve been away for too long to know the changes.

  2. I think it’s because of the previous occurances which actually brought together the people la…the ‘tragedies’ which happened earlier this year really helped give us a national spirit eh? Myself however, i see it quite often, because whenever we watch football in mamaks and the Arsenal malay, chinese and indian all watching together…got ang moh also sometimes…HeheBtw..xes..ur shoes look like those previous puma designs…cool!

  3. di0n: things seeems to be better now 😀 karheng: yup true! probably the past experiene brought us together! eh? puma shoes? i havent chek out the new puma shoes yet 😀 wolfx: aiyah seifeihai haehe

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