Too Young to get Married

Dear Bimbobum,
I am 22 years old this year. Recently, I got together with this fabulous lady of 30 years old. We get along really well, despite our age gap.
However, the problem with it is that, she wants to get married and I still have few more years to sleep around!
There is no doubt that I would want to stay on with my lady. However, I can’t be committed to one girl at such an early age.
Please Advise.
Dear Insecure,
You want to stay on with your lady or you want to sleep around? Or do both at the same time?
Who asked you to date an older woman who’s looking for marriage?
I’m sorry I cannot help you. ;P

30 thoughts on “Too Young to get Married”

  1. Waaa, 22 is a bit young for a 30 yr old, don’t you think? Smells more like toy boy to me than marriage material.
    My advice wouldn’t go to the guy, but to the woman. Girl, ditch this loser and find yourself a real man! Not some hormone charged small boy who still wants to sow his oats!

  2. Precisely said Applegal.
    This young man has clearly demonstrated that he lacks the emotional maturity and the mental stability to be involved in ANY relationship. One who only thinks of sleeping around, and not committing faithfully (albeit at a bf-gf level) should think twice about getting involved in “relationships” for they may hurt the their partner.

  3. Why is it that an older woman + a younger man causes more fuss than an older man + pretty young thing?
    Studies did say that the former couple would be a better match sexually: Sexually mature woman, young energetic and virile man, vs old man with viagra. . . I think I shall say no more :X

  4. Bimbo: Then i wonder why SOOOOOOOOOO many young girls go flirt with old men…..more experience?? loaded pockets?

  5. hahaha…apple…impression smepression……..
    i hate that stability factor excuse…stable for how long? 2 years? ahhaah

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