Upcoming Events for the month of July!


For PRESALE tickets, email/sms Christina 1)name 2)mobile 3)email addy (for database) @ 012.622.7856.
or call Big Ben @ 012 3030 622
This Sunday – GLOW 2!

Once again, an event fully dedicated to hard music and Melbourne Shuffle. No alcohol will be served though ๐Ÿ˜€
Date : 3rd July 2005 [Sunday]
Venue : FORUM, Hartamas
Time : 2:00pm โ€“ 12 midnight
Tickets : RM40.00 door / RM35.00 presale
Ticket Bookings & Enquiries, Contact Info :
Rolling Eye Records Sdn Bhd
Contact Person: DJ XiLe
0123750502 (Mobile)
03 6203 1644 (tel)
03 6203 1744 (fax)
More details @ http://www.rollingeye.com/glow_News.htm

7 thoughts on “Upcoming Events for the month of July!”

  1. Visit http://www.bassagents.com for more info…
    If ya want BAXX PRESALES, i need ya to do me a lil favour… i need your:
    1) Full name
    2) mobile #
    3) email addy
    All for database purposes… cause then when you get to the door… the door chick can check you off the list and if ya want future tickets for any future BAXX events… just buzz me and we’ll have you on the system… just remember which promotor you’re under… so yeah… it’s CHRISTINA… lol.
    Cheers… and can’t wait to see you all there.
    Thanks again xes ๐Ÿ˜€
    OH BTW… GLOW presales end on Saturday… so get your GLOW presales soon… i’m also selling them… so if ya want them, we’ll be at FORUM on Friday and at Atmosphere later. Just look for me… i’ll be around… Ta! PEACE!

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