Malaysia Food Part II

Okay, here’s the continuation of my previous Malaysian Food post.

Seremban Beef Noodles with Sugar Cane Juice

Sushi @ Jusco

Nasi Kandar @ Kanda SS2

Sashimi cooked with rice @ Sugimoto, Hartamas

Hakka Noodles @ Seremban

Curry Chicken Rice @ Summit USJ

Biscuits @ Bidor, Perak.

Maggi Mee Goreng + Mata Lembu @ Banaseer mamak, Old Klang Road..served by the following people..

Banaseer mamak 2001

30 thoughts on “Malaysia Food Part II”

  1. jasmine: hehe yes! promoting msia food now!
    pikey: i did! i even bought 10 pieces of it! i’ll post the picture up on my next episode of msia food! hehe

  2. sui lin: yeah…i look charming isnt?!!? i can even laff at it rite now…LOL
    XES: i hate u….u r torturing me..!!! argh…now i hav to eat indo mee and think that is hakka noodles…sob sob.

  3. for a moment i also thought that a chinese guy was the cook…for a mamak!? Whoa..
    How come no bak kut teh and Wan tan Noodles from Klang?
    Klang has GOOD FOOD too!

  4. chuoming & karheng : i wish larr…they ar payin like shiets, coz i asked b4. and if i were to cook, ill cook something that xes & kfei wont forget. MUAHAHAHAHAhahahaa….OH YEAH!!

  5. umeng: kekeke like that maggi sup ayam is chu yuk farn la? kekeke
    Darren: mmmm. is that the one @ the market?
    fishfish: shame on you la..u’ve tried almost all d jap food but not maggi goreng kosong..hehe
    GAMBs: never try before..whats good there?
    karheng: i’ve never eaten in Klang before..ekke
    Pakap: good good.. increase ur appetite in the morning hehe
    chuoming: looks like the cook blend into the background la hahah
    flint: yea boleh!

  6. hoho xes…time to start eating in klang. I know galferari can vouch for klang having good food! Heheheh…
    umeng: ahahahah u actually asked before? Mamak deh…muslims dun like non-muslims to cook for them i think…

  7. ehehe, the only time i ate in klang was @ this restaurant by the old port. It serves really nice seafood. As for the place, its located on the 2nd floor overlooking the sea. My parents and I used to go there to celebrate occasions i.e. bdays.
    Unfortunately, it’s gone now. All that is left are vague memories of the place.

  8. Lionel: hehe!! more coming up!!!
    Lola: good la. i just increased your appetite!!
    honfaai: eyayae pls send!
    Darren: mmmmm i think i’ve tried something like that as well. what is it called?

  9. Wah you know how to go to old klang road for that mamak! it’s very famous exspecially patrons finish playing in cyber cafes….

  10. xes: here we call it “kan mien”(dried noodles in mandrin) or kolok mee (in hokkien), too bad the best kan mien cook in Miri has disappear 🙁

  11. If go steven my as well go Nathan corner better lar!!! Haiyo Steven’s food sux man, if oyu intend to eat cheese naan why don’t oyu guys try nathan’s cheese naan…
    Everyone: i’m staying in OUG lar….

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