Utada – Exodus

The queen of J-pop has released a English album recently, entitled Utada -Exodus. Here is the songlist(*Right click on the link to download sample*):-
01. Opening
02. Devil Inside
03. Exodus ’04
04. The Workout
05. Easy Breezy
06. Tippy Toe
07. Hotel Lobby
08. Animato
09. Crossover Interlude
10. Kremlin Dusk
11. You Make Me Want To Be A Man
12. Wonder ‘Bout
13. Let Me Give You My Love
14. About Me

This is an album that only diehard Utada fans will love. All the song did not strike an impression to me of becoming a billboard 100 hits. Most of them are not even karaoke friendly.

As conclusion, don’t waste your money on original for this album.

This is a Bittorent seed for Utada – Exodus. The size of the file is 72MB and there are currenly 20 seeds.

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