Why Malaysian food taste better?

Answer: External forces.

The sight of rats as big as cats running around,

The sight of the waiter’s thumb in your soup,

The sight of a man digging the edges between his toes for ‘treasures’

makes Malaysian food ohlalaa

P/S: I censored their faces cause I don’t want people to go like, “HEY THATS MY FATHER!!!”.

9 thoughts on “Why Malaysian food taste better?”

  1. and the sight of Chinese people who love to pick their noses and spit phlegm on the street. It’s DISGUSTING.

  2. It’s NOT racist. I said Chinese people WHO…..”who” being the important word. I’m just giving my opinion as I’m good at observing what’s going on around me. I’m an open-minded and I’m all for diversity. Don’t even get me started on blacks, asian-americans, frat boys, etc! :DI’m using my freedom of speech as much as I can before I return to a place where I am given the rights for “only knowing things that I’m NOT supposed to say.” 😉

  3. saphiryn: mmmm speaking about spitting phlegm on the streets, i dont remember seeing any indian or malay man doing that. Chinese, especially old chinese men like to clear their throat loudly and spit their phlegm out in public. gguni: 3 quarter chinese?? half sis ah liEw: yeah yeah i heard. i heard it was so bad till the major of beijing had to start a campagin against public spitting frank: he was actually llooking @ me when i was taking the photocousin: racist? keke who?

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