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Recently, I listened to one radio station which has a section that lets listeners dedicate love songs to their love ones. As rightly pointed out by bimbobum, song dedications are romantic. But the chance of one being able to dedicate a song on air is like striking lottery. First, one has to get through the radio station’s busy phone lines, which is almost impossible!
Therefore, I’ve come out with a suggestion. Why not dedicate your song through To me, blogs are the newest form of mass media. Their reach is taking the world population by millions.
Since Valentine’s Day is coming, I propose to all readers to email me their dedications. In your dedication, please let me have the following information:
(1) Your Name
(2) The name of the person(s) that you are dedicating the song to
(3) Your Message
(4) The song
On 14.2.2007, I will post an entry publishing all dedications.
For example:-
From: A
To: B
Message: This song is for you, B. (Picture may be inserted here)
Song: Morris Albert – Feelings –

As for the song, you can either give me the artist and the title of the song or the link of the song from any websites [e.g.]
Few of my friends have already made their booking. 😀
Email me @ or msg me on MSN.

7 thoughts on “Valentine dedication through”

  1. what if the receiving party dont even know how to use the internet explorer?
    solution: get the receiving party’s phone num, call him/her up, then say “weh ur partner A dedicated this song to u, go listen to or some radio station n wait for that song dedicated for someone else aired or go n buy that cd n listen to it urself. kthxbai”
    sure u kena tiao kao kao.

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