Vietnamese Soda Lemon

After getting weary of drinking Vietnamese Coffee in Ho Chi Minh City (and also the occasional sugar high feeling), I was introduced to the Vietnamese Soda Lemon drink. It’s so bloody good. It’s like a DIY soft drink!

The Soda Lemon drink comes with an inch thick of sugar (uh.), lime/lemon and a can of tasteless soda. Mix them all up together and voila! Your very own soft drink!

Alternatively, you may want to skip the inch thick sugar for an inch thick honey šŸ˜€

10 thoughts on “Vietnamese Soda Lemon”

  1. Sugar and soda? Gosh..Papaya….not much juice also…Rych..go try drink PAPAYA JUICE la…….
    I reckon the best with this soda would be tangerines or better known by CHinese as ‘kam’. ‘Kam’ has a very mellow sweet taste which should go well with the spiky soda…then u get..ORANGE CRUSH…tiu..go buy orange crush enough la…

  2. karheng: fuh, tangerine orange? must try ni. no la. its fun to make your own soft drink yo!
    dogma: not as scary as ubi keladi + sugar + soda
    rych: wahAHahhaha

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