xes and i were having a little discussion earlier about whether so and so was pretty or not. he declared that women/girls have horrendous taste, compared to men/guys. he’ll tell me that this girl is sweet and cute, i’ll tell him she’s just plain and no big deal, too ah-lian for words. i tell him that another girl is pretty and sweet-looking, he tells me she’s not. (but occasionally, we do come to an agreement. ;P)
he tells me that men have superior taste when it comes to women. the statement of fact about women having a bad sense of judging is uncalled for. where is his evidence?? he tells me to blog and check out your response.
i wish i could just grab some photos of those ah lian or plain looking ones he liked, and put them up here. hehe, but fear of a lawsuit keeps us cautious. therefore, let’s look at FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women 2006 instead.
do we both agree she’s looking damn hot here? ;P
and who the hell voted Paris Hilton, man… euw. so not sexy. Jenny McCarthy and Teri Hatcher are a bit too old already. i cannot stand Mischa Barton, yuck.
hmm… i think women tend to judge beauty and personality as a package when it comes to attraction. and looking at women is more fun than looking at men, don’t ask me why. from head to toe, from make up to accessories and VPL and orange peel skin … ;P

25 thoughts on “attractiveness”

  1. Mmmmmmmmmmmm she is HOT.. drooling.. and i agree wei, Paris Hilton is not beatiful wei.. B*TCHY got lar :))

  2. Attractiveness is very subjective. Of course celebrities are all attractive because if not, there wouldn’t be there at the first place. I would endorse Elisha Cuthbert of ‘The Girl Next Door’.
    Guys also tend to judge beauty and personality as a package when it comes to attraction.
    People like Jenny McCarthy and Teri Hatcher are in a different league already…. you can’t compare them with the 20-something girls. Its just a different class. Thats “milf” if you please. :p
    Maybe you should snap some pictures of ‘normal’ girls you see at the shopping malls.. post it here and we can have some discussions. Whay say you?

  3. Thrillseeker: aiya, let’s look on the surface first. without looking at her personality also i think she’s not sexy.
    AvalonDevil: control yourself, boy! i can’t imagine you looking at the rest of the girls on the link, man…. ;P
    Jenn: ops, sorry, that is Scarelett Johansson. ;P
    endroo: i want to but (a) if one of them so happened to be a reader, then my identity may be known; and (b) if one of them is friends of the readers, ….. wait, you’re asking me to take pics of good looking ones or the ah lians?
    tay: stop drooling… hehe, of course, i’m also drooling la, due to jealousy. ;P

  4. i watched her in e island, i oredi die of dryness of drools. haha! she’s hot. paris hilton? i dun like skinny skeletons like her n christina aguilera. some flesh pleeze!

  5. old veterans like teri hatcher dun have lasting beautylah. i agree she’s much good looking during her superman days.
    but there r those who has lasting beauty like sharon stone, uma thurman & my fav. michelle pfeiffer! wooh! i dun mind having mothers like them! haha!

  6. hmmm…screw FHM…hahaha….
    Sonia Del Piero- YUm!
    Giselle Santa Cruz- YUm!
    Mamen Sanz – Yum!
    Yes Some Footballers Wives are Yum! ;P, Mostly Rich ones tho…

  7. uma therman, i agree. =)
    how bout teeny boppers? like lindsay lohan, the olsen twins, er…. i forgot who else.
    jessica alba also has a damn sweet smile.

  8. ” i think women tend to judge beauty and personality as a package ” << and therin lies the problem. to a man a hot bitch, is hot and the friendliest ugly girl in the world is simly put, not hot. women tend to deter from the actual question which is normally “oi charbor hot boh”. besides, how can women apply the same logic to celebrities? they only know what’s printed in the tabloids

  9. endroo: ok ok. furong jie jie? ehhehehe. she ain’t hot.
    Darren: stop drooling! ;P *wipes my own saliva*
    Laine: EXACTLY. ;P
    dogma: if the chick has awful dressing sense, is she still a hot bitch? like girls and their blogs, if you don’t know the person personally and you judge them from their blogs and pictures, if i comment on some are not chun, majority of the male readers here will say otherwise. why? cos acting cute or damsel in distress makes the guys feel GOOD.
    yay, england beat paraguay!!!

  10. endroo G: furong jie jie is a famous chinese celebrity, but she ain’t hot at all! and i don’t know why ppl in china go crazy over her, try google it, u’ll be surprise with the results

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