Voodoo presents Fono and the Bass Agents @ Zouk 13.5.2006

Just like the previous one, it was awesome! The hard pumping music, the friends around and the atmosphere were just right. We had about 4 – 5 bottles of Black Label and by the end of the night, everyone was drunk. In a good way of course.

Also, I must record my sincere appreciation to Sharon Dilirius for bringing us in without going through the mad guest list queue. So mad till Tay stood on the same spot for 15 minutes and in the end decided to fork out RM380 for a bottle of Black Label to skip the queue!
As soon as the Bass Agents took over the decks, we were screaming our lungs out with out hands up in the air ala fascist salute. And that was what we did for the rest of the night. Bass Agent events in ZOUK is one event everyone who attend to experience the madness.

We also went on a photography spree, taking pictures of each other. Unfortunately, while in the midst of doing so, I accidentally dropped Ivn and Kelynn’s camera and cracked the camera’s LCD screen. Ops…MANY APOLOGIES!!!


ivN, Kelynn, Sharon and Red Lobster Me.. (p/s i get red after 1 drink, typical Chinaman)

I have no idea what they were doing..


Tay..ivN & Aaron who looks like he just got run over by a lorry. HAHAHAHHA

Master Sow!

Jin Wye.. ivN again..!

Jac & eraine 😛

the Bass Agents!

KinkyBlueFairy Joyce & KamSauToTheMax Melvin

Licia and winkris!

Ryan…sei fei chaiii ahhahahaha

20 thoughts on “Voodoo presents Fono and the Bass Agents @ Zouk 13.5.2006”

  1. haha uncle tay so funny.
    retired after so long had to stand still for 15mins and pay 380bucks for first night again. hehe
    nx time call lah. there’s always a way. hehehehe

  2. waH…Ivan and Ryan put up damn bloody lot of weight man. I havent seen them in 2 years farking lot of difference wahahahahaha…

  3. eraine: yay! xes.cx is loved!
    dilirius: he called me. i didnt pick up. i sent him a msg asking why he called. but few minutes later he came in with a bottle already. impatient fellow kekeke
    Gavin: hahaha when i met ryan few weeks back, i couldnt recognise him. he’s grown to one fat ass…just like you 😛
    darren: no worries, more will come!
    winkris: yeah i agree! good old faces 😀 cant really adapt to the new faces 😛 those young cikus..

  4. xes: baaahh..i was in a sardine queue. couldnt wait for ur call any later..
    dilirius: grandma sharon never mention got way..uncle sex ignore my call..aahh there goes the black label..

  5. great grandfather tay, not like u asked also.
    fine. nx time go in yourself. save ur money dont call ok! sek chi kei! dont say i didnt offer helppp.

  6. fr0stie: if u got connection with the clubs in penang, maybe we can work something out:D
    johson: u go i go!
    ivn: nia ma sei fei chai!!!
    Mal: yeh it was fun!!!!!!!

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