Wah Bird

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Below is the 2nd clue for the Speedzone Tour 2007 contest!
On Monday’s The Star, 5 March 2007…..
* Flip to Page B12.
* Would you rather be in bed to________?
* 3rdColumn, 2nd line.
* The word shares the same meaning with “acceleration”.
My sister took these photos while she was on holiday in home town…

white bird1.jpg
rare looking bird in my hometown

white bird2.jpg
I think it’s from a circus

P.S. Just in case, you people wonder why my housing area got so many satellite dishes. Well, that’s because i live in Houston, Sibu, Sarawak.

13 thoughts on “Wah Bird”

  1. Diehardx: MIA to let bimbobum have a chance to blog la.
    rych: Ya man, those were the days. BTW, my old mini hi-fi’s speakers pecah already…hahahaha.
    lx: show us the photo of ur papa first la
    Pikey: actually i don’t remember seeing them when i was there.
    iv’N: ya man. should go and shoot them all down because they might have bird flu la

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