Jin Han’s Wedding – 23.2.2007

Below is the 1st clue for the Speedzone Tour 2007 contest!
Find this word on Sunday Star, 4 March 2007….
* Flip to Page S60.
* Nails come to mind.
* 3rd Column, 2nd line.
* The word is just before full stop.

First and foremost, I must congratulate wen dee & bimbobum.

Love is in the air!

but mine’s down the drain.. GG

Also, I must congratulate Jin Han & Chia on their recent marriage. Finally, one of our brothers has tied the knot.

In Chinese tradition, prior to the wedding dinner, the groom has to head to the bride’s home to ‘collect’ his bride. In Cantonese, this is called ‘chip san leong’.

The groom will appoint a few guys (heng tai – brother in Cantonese) to accompany him to the bride’s house. The bride, on the other hand, will appoint a few evil girls (chi mui – sister in Chinese) to protect the bride from the groom and the heng tai. The evil chi mui will plot all sorts of evil task to make the groom and heng tai suffer before the groom can get his bride.

Prior to heading to ‘chip san leong’

Around 20 of us headed to Kota Damansara to ‘chip san leong’. Of course, the chi mui didn’t make it easy for us.

Jin Han & the evil chi mui

The hengtai – our required attire was white shirt with tie and black slacks.

The chi mui stood by the front door with the first task, we have to pass a piece of seaweed through our lips. The heng tai had to kiss each other on the lips to pass the seaweed. After going through 10 or more lips, Kiang ate the seaweed. Yummy.

Things we do for a brother.

Upon completing the first task, the door was open and we were faced with more tasks which includes eating wasabi biscuit, frozen oranges and also singing while doing 50 sit ups. BanTong and Wai Keong had the honour of performing the sit ups. While doing the sit ups, Wai Keong sang a birthday song to Jin Han.

Ping’s reaction after eating wasabi crackers

Upon completing the given tasks, we move upstairs where Jin Han’s wife is. The final tasks were relatively easy. Jin Han had to answer few questions and failing to answer one question would amount to 10 push ups.

Jin Han & Mother in Law

The last task was for Jin Han. He had to sing for Chia. He sang “Forever Love” by Wang Lee Hom.

While singing, Foo Tuck started pushing the door and in no time, Jin Han rushed in to the room to find his bride, in a white wedding gown, sitting by the bed with her back facing him. He continued singing, walked toward to his wife and lifted her veil. At that moment, a man has found his other half.

The female hengtai

The hengtai

To be continue..

19 thoughts on “Jin Han’s Wedding – 23.2.2007”

  1. thanks boy! I’ll answer for him.
    karheng: the heng dai’s are not short, she’s tall
    slideways: I have no idea why am I so short really
    bimmbo: it’s easy to be a chi mui during chip san leong, just torture the heng dai’s, but when they come to the wedding dinner, all the heng dai will try make the chi mui drunk in revenge.
    karheng again: wen dee is not chia.
    and thanks for all the wishes

  2. Congrats! I love the seaweed idea, shall borrow it for any future games or events like this 😉 The heng tai look like gangsters, hahaha. Why need so many heng tai one?!

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