Wen Kim’s My Aussie Adventure in Melbourne

Catch local celebrities, Naz and Daphne, together with the seven Aussie Ambassadors as they travel in Australia in My Aussie Adventure every Sunday at 7.30pm on TV3!
Former guestblogger, Wen Kim, has been selected to be one of the seven Australia ambassadors for Tourism Australia.

Please vote for her as your favourite ambassador by casting your votes at this website http://www.tv3.com.my/aussieadventure/03_contest/vote.asp
Only five votes can be cast each day. And if you cast enough votes daily till 10 August, and if Kim wins, you could win a free trip to Melbourne.
Catch Wen Kim next Sunday, 29 June at 7.30pm on her trip down Melbourne when it airs on TV3.
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P/S: I wondered why she cried seeing a koala. They stink.

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