what barking sound does a dog make?

This is something I found out after being exposed to many cultures. What barking sound does a dog make?
In English it’s woff woff!
In Chinese it’s wo wo!
In Malay it’s kong kong!
In Japanese it’s ha ha!
In Finnish it’s hau hau!

11 thoughts on “what barking sound does a dog make?”

  1. eheheh its actually pronounce as hak hak..nono nexus you dont get wht i mean, i’m talking about how people make different barking sounds for dogs.

  2. wuts up with malay dog?since when malay have dogs?any how come dogs bark “kong kong??”wat is wrong with u men???since when dogs came out with kong kong ? LoL

  3. sehuat why are u so fucking irritating? and i’m not talking about what sound does a dog make but how people in different culture make dog barking noises..

  4. oke, sorry to irritate u ppl outthere… i wont irritate u ppl eve again … these is my last post for the web site eve again… has been yur webpage supporter for timesss… Good luk with yur webpage …….

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