what defines a hot blogger?

in light of the ‘hottest female blogger’ syndrome. [link]
is it popularity?
the endless traffic and plugging the blog receives?
if yes, i don’t think we have a problem with that, do we?
but what builds popularity?
a blog loaded with pictures and pictures of oneself? that seems to be the lastest trend with girl bloggers. if it’s a guy doing it, everyone would make King Kong lookalike faces upon coming across the fella’s blog because it’s just too ghastly to see a fella cam-whoring every second of the day. (sorry, i’m referring to my own reaction when i came across some guys who had the full 50 photos on their friendster profile. just headshots, you know, with different smiles and stuff.)
images of cutesy poses, the pouts, the ‘identities‘, the hanging out with other popular (famous) bloggers… that’s not the only path to fame, right? i can almost gag, just imagining those icky sweet ‘act cute’ poses which guys so looooooove. ;P
or is it by writing controversial stuff, like the famous one in singapore who is equally loved and hated at the same time? that’s one way of catching people’s attention.
at the end of the day, bloggers should never forget the main reason they chose to blog publicly in the first place. do they actually remember to be sincere, or they end up being puppets of the faithful blog readers?
hotties… they’re everywhere just because you can see their faces and the places they go and the things they do. the fancy photography. but what i’m trying to say here is, at the end of the day, most blogs we read are to entertain us and not to be worshipped. oh, and to be ogled, too (guys!).
who’s my choice of a ‘hot blogger’? clapbangkiss because i’m not her and i wish i looked like her. ;P hehe. i can stand the occasional pouty pics of her, i admit. and louyau for the hot guy. ;P
the blogs for a laugh when it’s a silly post (not those serious stuff, please)? kennysia and lengmou?, occasionally. oh, and i forgot, rojaks. ;P
name yours.
p.s. pretend i did insert a pouty ‘act cute’ picture of me somewhere in this post. if not, i’ll just use galferari‘s in future. hehe. or frank_omatic‘s.

12 thoughts on “what defines a hot blogger?”

  1. ahhahaha…
    sorry mate, but u’ll have to use franks’s.
    I haven’t got any ‘pouty “act cute” picture’ of my own! <– trying to save you from the unrewarding hassle..*winks**

  2. hot pics, vids, = hot blogger 😛 abt time u put the pic next to the name bimbobum! 😉

  3. ooh clapbangkiss aka dawn yang huh…she’s the hottest n sweetest.. got a brain in tht pretty head of hers too

  4. karheng: u wanna see frank’s half naked pic is it? hehehe
    galFeRari: no pouty “act cute” pic how can? honestly, i don’t think i have any either. hehe. ;P
    shallow dave: i agree! but apparently i have to be anorexic thin first. thinspiration, i mean.
    nasty: yup. what other girl blogs do you read? cheese, penguin, etc….?

  5. karheng: wat, frank’s neh neh u wanna see? eheheheheheh ;P
    wingz: start showing your half naked pictures, man. ;p then
    puhyah: HAHahaHAHAH … no need. but xes.cx should have some awards going around, don’t you think? ;P

  6. bimbo: lol. like what award? hottest blogger for xes.cx? you still want me to vote for you? later i ask xes to get some awards going on 😛

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