Vietnamese Coffee

As stated earlier, Vietnamese coffee is one must try when visiting Vietnam. It comes with a unique coffee filter on top. All you need to do is wait for the coffee to drip into the cup.

Better than kopi bin, tastier than Starfucks.

There are 2 choices, one with condensed milk and another just plain ol’ coffee. I did not try the plain one, as I don’t really like black coffee. However, the one with condensed milk, OMG, it literally gave me diabetes! SOO FUGGIN SWEET!

DIY at home

It is advisable not to drink it at one gulp. Taking small sips would definitely be a nice way to enjoy it.

8 thoughts on “Vietnamese Coffee”

  1. Darren: i know what is it!! EUW!
    johnnson: hehe yeah!
    wolfx: its super duper KAO
    endroo: it taste different! a tinge of vanilla i think
    dave: indeed!

  2. xes: vanilla ??????? chocolate seems more tolerable. How about the much awaited beef noodles photo(s)?
    bimbobum: thanks for reminding everyone of the beef noodles.

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