What to say if your boss caught you sleeping…

I have to admit, I fell asleep in the office on many occasions. But I’ve always made a point to sleep facing the wall so that my boss would not see me sleeping on his first step into my room.

There was once I didn’t do so and my colleague caught me sleeping in the room with my mouth open. He tried waking me up by talking to me but I could only hear his voice in my dream. How embarrasing.

Then today..

I had to draft an affidavit in my room. I laid back on the chair to think..and few seconds later..*plop* I fell asleep.

Suddenly, my boss came into the room. I couldnt wake up in time!
Boss: Are you sleeping???

I had no choice but to admit..

Me: Yeah..I’m damn tired..
Boss: From Monday?? (I worked till 4AM that day and thereafter went back to the office at 9AM, now who wants to be a lawyer!!) You better have a good rest man…
Phew..That was a close call.

But at that time, I was thinking of using the coverline which TwinkyblueFairy posted on her blog.

    Coverup Coverup
    My jolly friend was falling asleep in the office
    He happens to be a designer
    So his situation was such that his eyes were closed, while his hand was still on the mouse
    His boss spotted him.
    “Are you SLEEPING!?”
    But my friend is smart, you see.
    He woke up but remained still with his eyes closed and said
    “No man… i’m THINKING… i’m thinking what to design…”
    Thinking ey?

Nah..too risky 😀

17 thoughts on “What to say if your boss caught you sleeping…”

  1. One word. . . Coffeeeeeeeeeeee 😛 I don’t usually drink coffee but I’m starting to appreciate it. Continuously staring at black words on white pages with no graphics can put you to sleep very fast -_-;;

  2. I do have quite a lot of freedom in my work environment…I can disappear an hour during the day for a massage or shopping or do my nails.. and my boss won’t say a thing
    ..except that I have all this deadlines and workload sooooooooooo crazy that if I dare to leave my desk longer than 15 mins, I’ll probably end up spend the night at the office..so..

  3. I agree with Applegal! Nv a huge coffee drinker until I started working. Now its at least a cup a day, either at breakfast or after lunch.
    Sleepiness is worse if the room is warm too… and if I’m just reading.

  4. Darren: yeah he wasnt. he’s damn cool one hehe
    Applegal: actually my boss secretary caught my boss sleeping once haha
    honfaai: lawyers need sleep too. i dont work 9 – 5 everyday. more like 9 – undefined hours
    chaliz: wow! what kind of job is it? massage while working?? O_O
    Amos: yeahhhhhhh those were the days!
    whyrl: hehe there was a study that said people tend to fall asleep in warm rooms rather than cold rooms. its because people dont feel comfortable sleeping in cold rooms
    dw: yup! hehe

  5. my lady boss once (or twice?) caught my colleague sleeping at his desk. And from then on, he was known infamously for that… even after he has left…! She couldn’t even remember his name, only his sleeping habits….!
    Yikes, reputation tarnished…

  6. btw, the ‘thinking’ excuse is a good reason, which another colleague of mine has used before. sometimes, after staring at the computer for too long, we need to rest our eyes also maaa…
    if you don’t want it to be too obvious, support your head with your hands on over your eyes, that way, nobody can see!… 😛

  7. xes: my office happens to be in the same building with shopping plaza laah 🙂
    BTW, my boss never say a thing about me not at my desk….but she did asked about the work she’s looking to get done (by me) once I’m back to my desk…
    can’t really say this is better or worse than your case…

  8. coffee my friend, keeps me awake at any time i want. to make it even more potent, coffee + red bull! but of course, the health ramifications aren’t good…

  9. chaliz: where abouts in bangkok? 😀
    honfaai: owning up part? wtf? what the fuck u talking about? go get some english tuition la tiu!!
    chuoming: i had coffee in the morning already. dowan to overdose myself with coffee in the afternoon as well mna. hehe

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