Hardsequance @ Saxophone 11.2.2006

Awesome and Pack!!

DJ Rotifish & Damien K in the house!

On a normal night, Saxophone Club is as empty as my high school library. But tonight, it was packed like a can of sardines.

Tons of shufflers, non shufflers were rare.

Spot Sow & Amos..

Didjital warmed up but his set was as if he was ending the night. Pure Hard style I tell you. DJ Damien K vs DJ RotiFish (Big Ben) was next. Big Ben had so many supported until his non raving friends came over to support him.

Damien K & Big Ben

Sow, HHH, Umeng, Tay and I took a break after Damien and Rotifish’s set. Although I’m a huge fan of hard stuff, I had to take a break from the hard music. During the break, we planned for another round of the PJ v Old Klang Road drinking competition. But Saxophone’s alcohol was taking a toll on our wallets. RM58 for a bucket (4 bottles) of lousy Skol beer! Then Sow came up with a brilliant idea.

Sow: You know what, I got a good idea on how to get drunk quickly. Let’s buy a jug of long island tea and drink it with straws!!!
After 2 Jugs…



Callie & Niekon (Catch DJ Niekon in action in the next HS!)

Me, TwinkyBlueFairy & Guy

Ithinkhe’sSober Kit, Don & Umeng

Confirm.ComNotSober Gavin & Sze Wei

Umeng’s sister & Huei Lan?

Big Ben thinks he’s in the 60s , as for Tay… no comment 😛
GanGaGuGu’s set was the last. One of the enjoyable parts of Ganjaguru’s set is his performance. His twists, facial expressions and swings made the songs more enjoyable.

Umeng: (while looking @ Ganjaguru): Damn ying weiii
Me: Yeah man…… damn drama

Cant wait for the next HS on 25.2.2006!

Details: http://xes.cx/forum/viewtopic.php?p=6526#6526

11 thoughts on “Hardsequance @ Saxophone 11.2.2006”

  1. Gahhh, i missed it. I was in uncle lim’s place gambling my wallet off.
    The next one looks fun though. all the one on one action. lol. maybe if i see you i’ll go on and say hie. 🙂

  2. Amos: yeaaaaaah!! GanGaKUKU ROcks!!
    glo: it was GREAT night 😀
    chzehong: you better not miss it again this time! i know u always do! and regret it later..hehe
    devilishsha: yeaahh!! huge diffeerence!!
    splatspit: actually he didnt want to drink..hahaha
    frostie: hehe come here again la!!
    Darren: itt was goood!!!

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