26 thoughts on “What?”

  1. i think what Frank want us to see(based on all of his previous posts) a kid giving head to a fat man.

  2. Fireworks and the smoke from the fireworks!!!!!
    Giving meself a pat on the back..
    *me is sOooO clever!!**

  3. Hemm…i tink its during CNY..actually d boy not givin head to the guy..but both lookin up towards d fireworks…n d guy walkin towards a string of firecrackers..not a glowin skeleton hihi

  4. actually one can even guess its UFO from the filename of the pic, but i rather choose its a kid giving a blowjob to a fat man coz its funny hahahahhaha

  5. rych: Ya but any average blog surfer will not go n click properties to see the jpg file name lor.
    xes:Actually, i didn’t realise about the blowjob part lor. Anyway, i think this is a good pic lar…make one’s mind wonders only lar.

  6. cyber-red: of cos the boy is not giving the man a blowjob, it is only the way they stand,the dark background, and the imaginative mind of some people that make it seems so.

  7. i know! the picture is similar to the scene from the cover of the exorcist. A lone man high lighted by the only light in the scene faces a bunch of brick things that hold your gate up 😀

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