Xes.cx Trance mix #1

Since Xes.cx is having controversial issue regarding the distribution of online music, we have decided to put these music in the form of mix set so everyone can download and distribute as freely as possible. Every week or fortnight Xes.cx will be releasing uplifting trance from the classics to the latest tune to get your groove on to hit the club and party but the best part is it is completely free! The first Xes.cx trance mix will feature one unreleased and very rare Megara vs DJ Lee remix exclusively on Xes.cx only!

Since bandwidth doesn’t come free easily, we’re hosting our file(s) on
yousendit.com which comes with the limitation of removing hosted file after a specific bandwidth/100 downloads/7 days whichever comes first. If you would like hosting these files please contact Xes.cx! Thank you and have a nice weekend.
Xes.cx Trance mix 1:
1)Space Corn – Inside of me
2)Lance Inc. – Feelings
3)Avantgarde – Get Down
4)Nu Nrg – The Moon Loves the Sun
5)DeepForces – Tribute to Trance
6)Alex Megane – So Today
7)Groove Coverage – The Last Unicorn
8)Ken Cold – Theme of Pharmacy
9)X Sonic and Ray -The Hymen of Nautillus (rare Megara vs DJ Lee mix)

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

5 thoughts on “Xes.cx Trance mix #1”

  1. Frank: how thoughtful break pui!!!*weeps*.anyway don’t think i have the skills for that yet, i’m just doing it for the love of trance and i prefer being someone unknown.

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