What’s 20 sen for?

I’ve always wondered why we have to pay 20 sen per entry to use the toilet in some public places and to have to endure the stench, broken flush, broken locks, wet floors, grafitti, poorly lit, no soap, no water, no toilet paper, etc.

[Can you guess where this is? You will get an autographed brief from frank_omatic for getting it right!]
I can’t stand cubicles with no places to put your shopping bags or bags. Why should I leave them on the wet floor? Yuck.
So what exactly is the collection of 20sen per entry for? Sometimes I feel bad for the cleaners to have to do the dirty job. Some users are just not civic-minded.
Anyway, what is more gross than a picture of shit? You should be glad I won’t do this to you ever. (Thanks, endroo G, I’m glad I wasn’t eating when I was reading your blog!)

On another note,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY XES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

32 thoughts on “What’s 20 sen for?”

  1. Penny: Gah~ summit toilet! Ew!!!!
    But! Bimbo said, shopping bags, so she must have been shopping. Summit nothing to buy also!

  2. endroo: disgusting is disgusting, irrespective of the intention of posting it up ;P
    PeNNyPupZ: you’re right! ;P now i have to steal fanky’s undies for you….
    karheng: i buy cheapo stuff there leh, mebbe ;P
    julz: some don’t even have that seat cover??!!!
    Abalon: as long as it’s conteng on public property, it’s grafitti …. wait, i mean, vandalism ;P
    Khinko: honestly, i’ve never used that one there before.
    Bryan: almost. they’re pink, too right? πŸ˜‰
    endroo: it’s been a while since i’ve been there…
    wickedghost: really? you like the toilets? ;P just kidding, xes says thanks!
    frank_omatic: pimping is hard meh?

  3. I can’t remember whether i saw you on Saturday? Cris THINKS he saw me and i said i THINK i saw you. Well if i didn’t then, here’s a belated wish to ya hun!

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