My 25th Birthday

Every year I try to avoid celebrating my birthday so that I don’t get bombed by alcohol. Fortunately, this year, some good friends remember my birthday and they gathered people.
We started off with dinner at my brother in law’s place at Cowboy Station, Kelana Jaya.

20 people consisting 2 groups of friends, my former clubbing kakis and my former University of Sheffield classmates (including their respective partners). Thank you Zing, Charmaine, HHH, ivN, Sharon Dilirius, Sam, Don, Cris, Florence, Sow, Johnson, Janet ‘Chin’ (Chai), Cynthia Chan, Michie, KF and gf, Su Ween, Jon, Mindy, Frank and Hazel for turning up.

We sat on a stretched table fit enough to accommodate 20 over people.

Cowboy Station is a restaurant serving western food at an affordable price. Further, it’s located next to a lake. There are not many places in the Klang Valley where one can dine next to a lake.
However, getting there is quite difficult. Some of my friends got lost and had to make a few turns to get to Cowboy Station Kelana Jaya. One friend of mine thought my dinner was held at Kelana Seafood Restaurant, which is few blocks away from Cowboy Station. She parked her car and made an enquiry with one of the staffs there who was carting a huge birthday cake. She was then lead to a room with 4 tables of uncles and aunties singing karaoke. Moments later, she realised she went to the wrong restaurant!
Sharon baked us a custard cheese pie and my Sheffield mates bought a cheese cake. Ummm cheese.. :D~~~ My cheese cake had the words, “Happy Birthday Xes! Please pay de bill, thanks!”. O_O||| First time in my life, I was presented with birthday cake with my nickname. The bill came up to RM500. For 20 over people, it quite cheap.

Cheese Custard Pie from Sharon & Wine from Jon!

Sheffield Uni classmates!
Then after blowing the candles, I realised that there were 26 candles. I’m only 25 years old this year. ZOMG!

Before Ruums – Sow said this plastic bag is for my puke

Sow: hst pkastics ubg is ifane (translation: the plastic bag is fine)
Thereafter, the gang left one by one and Johnson, Sow, ivN, Sharon, Sam, Don, Cris, Florence and I headed to Ruums for Derb & Hellraiser. We opened 2 bottles of Dewars at a promotional price of RM550. We could bring in 12 people 😛

Hen was supposed to join us. When he called me when he was drinking at one pub but promised to join us thereafter. However, as soon as I reached Ruums, he called me saying, “BOY!! I cant come la! I just made a u-turn, got police block! I’m scared la!”. O_O|||

Sharon, Sam & I
As soon as the bottles of Dewar landed on the table, I was being bombarded left and right. Every minute someone would knock their glasses against mine and say, “DOWN IT!!” or “BOTTOMS UP!”

I dont think the top fellows were posing for the photos :p

After that hell broke loose, I was so drunk that I hardly remember anything. But of course, I remember I had fun.
Derb was dropping many old tracks like “Bass For your Face, London”. Not hard enough I would say. I was looking forward to Hellraiser after hearing rave reviews about it from Sam. But then on the night itself, I heard that Hellraiser didn’t turn up because he was hospitalized before heading to Malaysia @_@ Coincidentally, the club was not packed. I don’t know whether its because people heard news about Hellraiser not turning up.
Big Ben came by to our table. Despite being diagnosed with gout (by which he had to abstain from alcohol), I heard he had been drinking wine the whole night. He ended up passing out on our table. He’s the real birthday boy I tell you.

Big Ben: …..
By the end of the night, I was puking bit and pieces of Cowboy Station steak, smelled like a garbage truck, had to be lead out from the club and fetched back home, snored when passed out, crashed on to the bed without taking off my contact lens or changing.
The next morning, I woke up fine! Managed to have lunch with Sui Lin and ivN. They were so reluctant to come to Old Klang Road for lunch until I had to say, “My birthday wish this year is for ivN and Sui Lin to come to Old Klang Road for lunch” W_W
Lastly, thank you Cris for carrying the ‘garbage truck’ out from the toilet, thank you ivN, Sharon and Sow for bringing the ‘snoring garbage truck’ home, thank you to those who turned up for my birthday dinner and thank you to those who wished me!
And to keep up with tradition, here’s the list of birthday wishes I received this year 😀
Hoi lousy fella! Today is ur bday har? Happy birthday
Ping Sheong
Happy b’day dude. Hope you mabuk gila see ya tomolo go gym..tomolo must try 6C to 7A liao…haha
Hey happy birthday dude
Bimbo wishes you happy birthday you old fart!!! ;P
Happy barfday, may your good fortune come in bed
Hope u had loads of fun! Happy birthday!
Happy 25th Birthday!
Hey Fucker happy birthday man, may a ripe, juicy punani with no seeds drop from sky to ur front door
Happy Birthday, Leongupao! 🙂
Is it you pootday today? if so HAPPY POOTDAY!
Happy birthday! old man liau! Haha actually mmg old man d ;p
Leongupao! Happy Birthday! Old already cannot feng so much liao!
– tay – sent 9/24/2006 9:26 AM:
but anyway happy birthday man… any plans today?
s u i l i n says (1:46 PM):
happy birthday cheng hai!!!
i m sam says (1:52 PM):
happy bday!
★Shaz★ 不得不愛 says (6:55 PM):
Happy birthday leleong! Get drunk and have fun!
Jane says (9:03 PM):
Otanjoubi omedetou!!!!!!
Y u e M e n g says (9:09 PM):
btw HAPPY BDAY !!!
.::=- ikÄr i ™-= ::. says (11:55 PM):
.::=- ikÄr i ™-= ::. says (11:55 PM):
I’m not too late..
.::=- ikÄr i ™-= ::. says (11:55 PM):
eppy birthday old man..
.PeGs. I still believe says (9:06 PM):
eppy birthday Ora
|LoLa| says (9:17 PM):
happy belated bdayyyyyyyyyyyyy
Amos: Phatties For Sale says:
bday boy
Lynnnnnnnn ▫ says:
appy bdayyyyyyy
Xodus | 24/9/2006
Haapy Bday Big Guy!
– Shino – | 23/9/2006
A Smile’s a curve that sets everything straight and wipes worries away…Here’s to many smiles all year long ! Happy, Healthy, Wealthy ! Happy Birthday To You :} 24/09/06
VeN | 22/9/2006
Hey hey birthday coming. Happy birthday to ya 🙂
Kwok hong
Happy birthday bro – how have u been
Website –
eeehh friendster told me it’s ur bday. happpy bday dickyyy! 😛
Posted by: tIcKLe`Me at September 24, 2006 12:50 PM
happy birthday monkey! monkey monkey MONKEY. WAHahAHahAHAH~
Posted by: yvonne at September 24, 2006 10:17 PM
happy birthday mr lohyah!!
Posted by: electronicfly at September 24, 2006 10:27 PM
Happy Birthday! 🙂 Don’t get too wasted! XD
Posted by: Applegal at September 24, 2006 10:52 PM
Firstly, Happy Birdday xes.
Secondly, bimbo, it was out of frustration i decided to post about it. 😉
Posted by: endroo G at September 24, 2006 11:03 PM
1stly,Happy Burfday Xes…
looks lik ss2 pasar public toilet ler…wakaka…
Posted by: Khinko at September 25, 2006 10:26 AM
o tanjoubi omedetou~~ xes-san!
Posted by: pkey at September 25, 2006 12:01 AM
I hated it when i see shoeprints on the toilet seat.
Happy Birthday xes.
Posted by: julz at September 25, 2006 04:57 AM
Happy B’day AhBOY!!!!!~~~~
Posted by: Jenn@Toronto at September 25, 2006 06:20 AM
boss suda tua 1 year..!! Happy bday…
the 3rd picture doesn’t look like grafitti to me lol…real grafitti have colour..
Posted by: AvalonDevil at September 25, 2006 08:35 AM
Old man Happy Birthday!
Posted by: Amos at September 25, 2006 09:47 AM
happy b’day united garden boy.
Posted by: boob_omatic at September 25, 2006 12:56 PM
Happy B’day Mate…
Btw, very infomative blog..
Posted by: wickedghost at September 25, 2006 02:08 PM
I can’t remember whether i saw you on Saturday? Cris THINKS he saw me and i said i THINK i saw you. Well if i didn’t then, here’s a belated wish to ya hun!
Posted by: winkris at September 25, 2006 11:00 PM
pegs� Happy Birthday!!!!!!
Jenny� happy brithday xes … more sex topics pls =D
appyBirthday� Whoops..terbalik…=P Happy Birthday xes babi! Have funzzzz
flush� happy berfday!
chivasmaddox� happy bday xes ^^
Khinko� Happy Birthday Xes,Frankson and Darren…
AvalonDevil� Boss!!! Happy Bday…how old ade?
� Boss!!! Happy Bday…how old ade?
zions� xes bday?! lol…hepi bday uncle XES!!!
fr0stie� HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOIS ~!~!~
di0n� wah.. damn old liao u 😡 happy bday!
cnigel� appi bday!!
zhong� happy birthday xes
Jane� Otanjoubi omedetou!
pokai� happy bday mate!
puhyah� Aihh, Uncle’s Birthday arhh? *follows the crowd* HAPPY BDAY XES!
Frankson� HAPPY B’DAY XES!!!
bent� happie hatchday xes!
karheng� Haiya, accidently enter. HappY burFday seXXor!
bimbobum� HAPPY BIRTHDAY XES BORN IN THE …… !!! ;p

umeng said…
5:13 PM
sL said…
Selamat Hari Jadi ppBoy!!!
8:28 PM
waikeong said…
Sorry for the late wishes.. Happy Birthday Betx2 Boy!!! All D Best to you n may your BetBet get bigger year by year!! Amen!!
11:09 PM
him said…
Happy birtday to Ah boy and also belated birthday to Ah Lin and Ah Kiang….!! haha…internet lags a lot nowadays so wishes came late too… r we going to have a belated celebration?
4:07 PM
peng said…
boy..haPpY bELated biRthday…
5:12 PM
wingk said…
Happpy Birday to PPLin and PpBoy! May the force be with all of us!

22 thoughts on “My 25th Birthday”

  1. i still protest btw, xes!
    i want presents i want sex i want to get drunk i want orgies i want money i want a lot of things

  2. former clubbing kaki ? since when u stopped? 😛 anyway, yea, the way to ur bro in law’s is pretty tricky. i tried going there last time when u once posted abt the restaurant but i still couldnt find my way there. draw a map, and ask ur bro in law for commission!
    ps: fcuker, i got wish u on tagboard oso la 😛

  3. irenehai: THANK U!
    bimbobum: you’re not my former sheffield uni classamtes / clubbing kaki also ekkeke
    penispup: you did meh? but its on the sms lis anyway 😛
    cnigel: of course 😀
    endroo G: the birds were good!
    avalon&piffles: no wor didnt see wor 😛 kekeke TQ BTW
    di9n: calling urself ah!
    rych: hehe thanks, no need to see ah kua la. lorong haji taib ramai
    sarah the big big big big BIG LANSI stamps pleasE!!
    Luxifer: hehe thanks man!
    faai: there’s a map on my cowboy station entry!
    Low: Cheers mate
    fr0stie: keke no la didnt kena bomb!
    Applegal: hAHaHah just like the one Big Ben blew smoke at me huh? 😀

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