What’s The Story?

I was visiting a friend the other night, we had dinner together and watched TV. I offered to throw out the rubbish. I went to the rubbish room and came across this:

I don’t know much about golf, except that it’s a rich man’s game (that’s what they say) and it involves a lot of walking, bunkers and lakes and buying golf balls from fellas who collect lost balls and sell them in plastic bags.

Anyway, I took a closer look, and they looked like they were still in good condition. Except, maybe the putter? ;P

I was trying to guess that maybe, “Ah-ha! Irate housewife caught husband with pants down! Cheater! Time to throw out his prized possession – his golf set!”
But the set doesn’t look complete, does it?
What do you think? Got a wild imagination?
Tell me a story.
About the golf set, of course.

30 thoughts on “What’s The Story?”

  1. Hey we have the same bins here in australian.
    bimbobum: I dont play golf, but if u find a nice tennis racket near the bin please mail to me.

  2. Maybe it’s a golfer who lost so badly that he decided to quit the sport all together.
    Hey can sell the clubs second hand lah, they don’t come cheap. . .

  3. idiot: maybe your name precedes the way you speak.
    I should be making rubbish bins. Can sell it to the whole wide world!

  4. Applegal: i was thinking even if he wanted to chuck it out, surely the bag and the clubs’ woolly hats could still be used?
    wolfx: i was thinking of that too, hehe
    galFeRari: of cos la ;P
    idiot: it could’ve been a typo? 😉
    karheng: now only think about it, too late la ;P

  5. maybe the owner accidently threw the golf club during his/her swing and it fell into the water hazard? ahahaha, eh, can happen wat..

  6. electronicfly: wah, u play golf? ;P
    blabla: too much rubbish around in this hazy country ;P
    endroo: aHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHaha and you say you and your colleagues swap pictures of shit all the time. euw

  7. eh~ i’m a golf person myself, only doing it less recently cause of my job
    yes..the golf set isn’t complete…few of them are missin..
    my guess is, the owner fought with wife, end up throwing stuff around and ter-ambil golf club, flew out of the area or broken…then he/she threw it out..cause its not complete
    aiya…most probably he/she lost interest i guess, but like me, i wouldn’t throw mine out for no reason (damn expensive i buy last time, save my money like gila to buy one)

  8. electronicfly: i hear that a lot of cute guys play golf. and mebbe rich also. ;P *wink wink*
    Abalon: but so bad! make the cleaners throw them out for him? why can’t he throw it in the dumpster himself?
    endroo: by the time i open the car trunk, got time to whack the road bully or not? ;P

  9. once bimbobum take out the paperbag, dun say roadbullies ar….even blindman also lari er..
    ok im just being mean.

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