When Being Friendly

…..can be mistaken as being a real flirt.
I have a tendency to be nice to everyone at work, from my boss’s secretary (very important person to apple polish!) to my secretary, to the clerks, to the tea lady, to the office boys and to the bosses’ drivers. Long list that it does get a bit tiring after a while.
Once in a while, the office would go out for drinks. They want everyone to mingle as a family (but we know that’s not necessarily true!) after office hours but maintain the professional working relationship once the party is over. Bosses sometimes think that karaoke and boozing sessions help a lot. -_-
Not when your boss pretends to be drunk and pulls you into a hug.
Or when you receive late night text messages from the office boys declaring their love for you, saying that you were looking real hot that night.
Holy crap. How the heck do you face them the next day, assuming the party was not on a Friday night?
Once, one of the office boys sent me a text:
“God, I am so drunk right now. I need to f*ck someone right now.”
In my head, I was thinking, “Er, boss, will this constitute sexual harassment??”
I replied his text: “Go find your girlfriend to help you out! Good Night!”
He replied a minute later.
“My girlfriend got her period lah…”
I switched off my phone immediately.
Sometimes I think I should just be the Ice Maiden at work. Another office boy once invited me out to go shopping with him for pants.

15 thoughts on “When Being Friendly”

  1. when u keep quiet, ppl say u anti-social/not friendly. when u make some noise, ppl say u talkative. bloody hell…what u want me to do?…

  2. hmm… why cant just galz accept d fact dat guys are horny..
    u can reply dat text msg sayin.. “sorie im not a ****.. but im here to comfort u! hahaha.. ”
    “if u tok sex again, im not talking to u anymore”
    then he’ll probly go on craping bout his fucked up life..
    then all u gota do is just say…
    “yalor.. yalor..” haha

  3. It just so happens that there are way more hots girls around than there are hot guys, and coupled with the fact that we produce trillions of sperm as opposed to womens’ 300++ ovums in our live times, naturally men are more horny than women are. So i really don’t see the reason for being appalled, he’s just expressing a wish that all men share in common. Some men dare to say it, some don’t, that’s the only difference. If women think the difference is some men only want to talk while others only want to f*ck, i think it’s time to wake up from la la land.
    So, if a guy is able to work up his guts to express his horizontal intention, reject him politely if you aren’t interested, and take it as a compliment. But if he tries to force himself on you, you have all the right to rip his balls off.

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