Unique advertisements in Malaysia – Part III

Unlike those unique advertisements in other countries such as Japan, Malaysia doesn’t have many unique advertisements which are blog worthy. However, the following advertisements are pretty unique.

Adhesive Tape advertisement – their tape is so good till it could stick their own advertisement.

Makes me feel thirsty…

Out of no where, a small signboard asking you to U-turn to head to Nandos.

Energizer man lifting the train tracks!

Looks like a fridge to me.

Jantina means ‘gender’ in Malay. ‘Daring to change Jantinas’ means Daring to change gender?

11 thoughts on “Unique advertisements in Malaysia – Part III”

  1. Energizer is good. “5 kali lebih kuasa” while holding the tracks.
    Duracell should put a “bunny” opposite it.

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