where is fank frank_omatic?

has anyone seen him around?
let’s all place our bets – where is fank farouk frank_omatic?
(1) eloped with some woman, and gone far away from KL/PJ?
(2) taken a sabbatical for a sex change operation?
(3) got kidnapped by pirates (er… more like pirated dvds/cds sellers ;P)?
(4) i kidnapped him and he’s currently tied to my bed post?
(5) xes kidnapped him and preserved him like those flattened preserved dogs?
(6) he’s been thrown in jail for contempt of court?
(7) he won the lottery and has gone off on a 1 month cruise, busy sipping tequila sunrise(s)?
(8) his boss made him a sex slave?
where is fank farouk frank_omatic????

20 thoughts on “where is fank frank_omatic?”

  1. xes: yer …. you looking at frank’s pic issit? ;P
    yvonne: xes idea of frank and gf rolling down the hill sounds better. *bollywood music*
    DieHardX: aliens would take him? ;P
    pokai: u making him sound like a … erm … illegal immigrant. =D
    Kian: it does sound kinky… ehehe ;P
    forever friends: wah… how you know? where la?
    flush: xes and me looking for him ma. ehehee … if he’s tied to my bedpost i don’t have to miss him wat. ;P

  2. bimbo: hmm…ya loh probably he prefers your sado macho fantasies on tying him to your bed than being an illegal immigrant…:P

  3. pokai: *takes out feathery whip* … muahaha ;P
    e-Fei: shhhhh… can choose one …. just scared that if he comes back and sees that, i die!
    Amos: is he the guy with a big turban and learning how to be a snake charmer, whilst sitting in a yoga pose, one leg around his neck and the other …. erm …. dunno where la.
    karheng: busy with all 5 or 6 of them? 😉
    Devilishaz: aHAHhahaHAHA~ his ass grew too big from jap buffet.

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