35 thoughts on “Where’s Fank_omatic?”

  1. xes: We are not interested in Frank…perhaps u can change Frank’s face to bimbo’s face? Bahahahahaha~~~~~

  2. i found 10 too…
    I want to date bimbobum at YUMYUM!! Since I’m a girl too…www.xes.cx will have to pay!
    Bimbobum: I will cut another hole for u so u can eat okok??

  3. kian: *sniff* i have to remain unidentified la. if put my face it’d be through paperbag. which i hope, is a branded one like DKNY, not a rotiboy one. hehehe.
    galFeRari: where’s YUMYUM? hehe.
    Darren: dunno why when i read u said “7 franks” it sounded just weird ………. eheheh.

  4. the question was: how many fanks. no need to mention u wat. u not important. eheheh.
    WHERE’S THE PRIZE???? gimme gimme!

  5. bimbobum: ooh..sorry! I meant shogun..but as soon as i think of shogun, my mind will drift to how yummy it will be…

  6. bimbobum: don’t so bad ler..i’m the first one who gets correct. didnt know tht xes not equal to fanks and fanks not equal to xes. πŸ™‚

  7. hahahaha oi chengleong, why are u doin this to frank??? damn funny larr… hahaha btw, been a long time since i last visited ur blog.. still as funny ;p keep it up! πŸ˜‰

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