William Hung

While in class, I overheard this conversation from a group of girls..

Girl 1: yoooooooorrrrr look at thisss…(pointing on newspaper) William Hung!
Girl 1: yeaaaaa sooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

I would die to have my face on those girls’ top..

12 thoughts on “William Hung”

  1. “I would die to have my face on those girls’ top..”I would die to have my face UNDER those girls’ tops…..hiak hiak hiak.

  2. *haha* he was even featured in Star on sunday. imagine! he was quoted as one of those “anti-celebrity” (?) yea…his fame more “terra” than the actual winner – i don’t watch pop idol but i know who is william, imagine that!

  3. buttshaker: he’s da man!! Ben: me too! kev: kekek yeah abit la..too much of him already..wolx: i prefer below 😀 gguni: who u wanna bang? miriam ah?? ahhaSarah: yeah.. eh sarah intro! 😀 sow: find a nice pic of yourself..then print it out..then we force someone in our group to wear it..ie irene, suilin hheehfer: ayya the girls were referring to the newspaper u read! 😀

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