There’s something about Miriam

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you..


w00t w0000ttttt…before you guys start fapping…

She’s actually a guy… 😀

Something about Miriam ended on Sunday (shown on British TV). It showed six men competing for the affections of Miriam, who they thought was a women.

Transsexual Miriam Rejected by Reality Show Winner

By Jennifer Sym, PA News

The pre-op transsexual wooed by six unsuspecting men in a controversial reality dating show is rejected by the winner in the final show tonight.

There’s Something About Miriam, broadcast on Sky One, showed six men competing for the affections of Miriam, who they thought was a women.

But the Mexican 22-year-old was born a man and, when her secret was revealed, she was called untrustworthy and deceitful by the winner, lifeguard Tom.

He initially agreed to go on the cruise, despite being mocked by the other contestants.

But he later changed his mind, saying: “I wouldn’t want to spend a week on a boat with someone I couldn’t trust, someone who’s deceived me and everybody else.”

In the final show tonight, to be broadcast at 9pm, viewers see Miriam choosing Tom over martial arts instructor Scott as the winner of £10,000 and a week together on a luxury cruise.

Scott said before being told “I do like surprises”, and added: “I’ve met someone that I do really like. I feel more for her every time I see her. I would love to spend the week with her”.

But after she was revealed as a pre-operative transsexual, he said: “Now I don’t respect her one bit.”

Earlier in the show, viewers had seen both Tom and Scott penning love poetry to the model in their attempts to court her.

A show spokesman described the declaration as “difficult” for Miriam, who had formed close bonds with the contestants, all of whom were stunned by the news.

She said she had enjoyed Tom’s company: “

He always makes me happy, this has been a whole new experience for me. I’ve had such a great time and I would never forget this moment.”

The broadcasting of the show had initially been delayed after the six contestants threatened legal action.

They received payouts after deciding to take their case to the High Court in an attempt to ban Sky from screening the show after they only learned at the end that Miriam was not a woman.

The men received an undisclosed sum last month to drop their threat of court action.

Sky also apologised for “any upset caused” to the contestants, who made a number of allegations against Sky One and production company Brighter Pictures, including conspiracy to sexual assault, defamation, personal injury and breach of contract.

In return, Sky, which had shelved There’s Something About Miriam, pending possible legal action, was able to transmit the controversial reality show.

The show was actually done many months ago but was halted due to threat of legal law suits by the contestants. However, the men were paid a substantial amount to compansate them..

The six straight men who sued to prevent the broadcast of an UK reality show in which, unbeknownst to them, they competed for the affection of a preoperative Mexican transsexual quickly got over their claims of injury and public humiliation in return for a cash payment, clearing the way for the program to debut on UK television last evening.

The undisclosed settlement — which various reports pegged at anywhere between $150,000 and $250,000 a man — followed November 2003’s lawsuit over the previously scheduled broadcast of the series. which had been filmed earlier in the year in Ibiza.

At the end of the show, when the program had its “grand reveal” and the men found out that the “gorgeous creature” Miriam wasn’t a gorgeous female, they went bonkers. One of the men, a Royal Marine, supposedly broke down crying from the “humiliation” when the deception was revealed … and, according to reports, some of the production crew sympathized with the men’s reaction and turned on Endemol and British network BSkyB, a sister network to Fox in the U.S., which was planning to air the show.

And oh yeah..she didnt have her ‘thingie’ below removed..euww..

Excerpt from the last episode where Miriam tells the contestants that she is a man.

26 thoughts on “There’s something about Miriam”

  1. pikey: I tot they were like created on cyber space and not real as in existed or a breathing live one. I mean how can any sane person have everything of both sexes? Asexual ar?Either keeep the breast of the pipe. Don’t b neither here nor there. I mean i got gay n lesbian frens but this is too much to handle lar.Can’t they make up their damn mind and choose which sex they wanna be if they’re not happy wif God’s decision???

  2. i’ve never understood why a man would want to be a woman. and what drives a man to be offense, mayhaps he was born that way, but don’t expect me to understand. i can’t, and it just is.oh well.

  3. She’s not a hemaphrodite lah (2 sexual organs). She is an ah kua….not yet take out the penis yet. I blogged about this few months ago. Kesian the person who was chosen and about to fuk her.

  4. straight men are just a bunch of homophobes. homosexuals/transexuals all have feelings are well,’s not their fault they came out the way they did.people should make it sound like its a disease they inflicted upon one blames anyone when they have cancer;or if they’re born with one leg..why is this any different?if u ask me, the men were stupid.not her.

  5. but darn she’s gorgeous!!!! I kinda pitied her/him…… she live a traumatic chidhood and it’s not her fault anyway….

  6. i wonder if to be a female is very tempt than to be a male…..;never heard female wanting to be a male and do any operation …..get?

    1. yes there are females that become male. Brandon Teena was one such individual. when his guy friends found out, the beat, raped and ultimately killed him.

  7. kim: now get so sexist 😀 wookookoo: ngam lei mou??? ahaha she has banana and papayas!! irenekay&laine: yup i agree. 😀 ivan: she got no lubang la haharakakakaaaa: i got u there? so u were ready to fap fap fap when u saw the pictures? hahaSarah: guys has the advantage to change their sexes..either remove their penis and construct them into a vagina.. but never heard of vagina being constructed into a penis!!

  8. u know y tom was picked, because he was the most understandable and matured one out of all of them. despite being pointed and laughed at he still accepted to go with her. I’m VERY sure he just wanted to spend time wit ‘her” to make ‘her’ happy and feel accepted and nothing sexual. Also if Miriam wanted, she could’ve gone through the entire show without telling them she’s a guy…. :/ but all she wants is acceptance and Tom looks like a real gentleman…. i give him props for doing that…. should have more guys like him, not those immature donkeys that ain’t even think twice before laughing….

  9. I notice how society has changed in the 8 years past since the show. I did not see the show, but I read the comments from 8 years ago which were all angry and homophobic. Straight men complaining like all trans women are out there to deceive them.

    The reason these trans women want to live as women is because their brains are those of women. They do it for themselves, not to attract men.

    In fact, about 40% of them are lesbian. They don’t care for having sex with men. Many are also asexual. They don’t want any sex at all. And many are bisexual with preferences for women. So there’s actually a very small percentage of trans women interested in men, and most of them transition much earlier in life.

    It’s interesting how in 2010 and 2011, the comments turn more positive. Society in general has turned more positive towards them. There are many of them in the places I’ve worked and they are just regular human beings. Some of them are exceptionally talented and brilliant and beautiful too. Changing gender helps them live better lives and avoid suicide. How is that a bad thing?

    For straight men, one thing to do, whether you date genetic women or trans women or any women not knowing whether they are genetic or trans, don’t make it sexual too soon. Wait it out, learn about her, about her childhood, about her background, about her interests, about what she wants in life, etc. That way you give her the chance to tell you more about herself. If you pressure her into kissing too soon, you’ll be rushing things and it will be too late for her to reveal.

    This particular show with Miriam was probably just faked that way. She was probably not a deceitful person, but the media cannot sensationalize her if she reveals too soon. So they must have signed it in her contract that she must not reveal until the producers want her to reveal. I bet that’s what happened.

    Most trans people actually do tell when the time is right. Of course, they will not tell right away. Telling right away to a stranger when they don’t even know about long-term prospects can lead to the news spreading and job loss and other ostracism. So they don’t tell everyone. However, they too are human beings and they realize that if they want true love with someone, they tell.

    There was this story of a trans woman who is lesbian and her rule was to tell before she kissed.

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