Wong Poh Restaurant @ Aman Suria, PJ

This restaurant serves one of the best claypot cheese baked crab in town. I’ve been patronizing this restaurant twice this month for dinner. It shot my cholesterol level up to the sky.

This place is extremely popular during the weekends. You can gauge its popularity by the number of shops it occupies. It currently occupies 2 shoplots, one air conditioned. I wouldn’t recommend sitting in the air conditioned room because you will end up smelling of food after dinner.

Parking space is scarce but if you don’t mind walking, you can park at the park behind the restaurant. If you’re lucky, you may be able to double park in front of the restaurant.

This picture does no justice to the taste of the crab. Melted cheese oozes out whenever you crack the shell for the meat. If you mix mantau with their cheese, it’s heavenly!

Unfortunately, their claypot cheese baked crab doesn’t come in generous servings of melted cheese. Nevertheless, you may ask for additional sauce for you to dip your fried mantau, another yummy delicacy of this place. Each plate of mantau comes with 2 pieces of mantau. One plate is definitely not enough!

5 thoughts on “Wong Poh Restaurant @ Aman Suria, PJ”

  1. Aiya.. Next time when going to Wong Poh, you can call me also. I live behind Wong Poh..

    And food at Food Foundry is not that nice anymore lah. Use to like going there but I feel the food is not that good anymore.

    But near Food Foundry, there are 2 more good restaurants. One is this Thai Restaurant called “Elephant”, I think its called Big Elephant. And another shop is a a corner lot shop selling very good cha siew for lunch.

  2. Richard: sure will call you next round! I’ve tried the elephant place before, it was alright la not a big fan of thai food.

    ST: Yees i agree!

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