Yasmin Ahmad (1958-2009)- Part II

There had recently been a big hoohaa over an article by Utusan newspaper over an article about Yasmin Ahmad. Check out the PDF link below:

And for what? Circulation? Ok, they got to sell one extra copy today, but only because Walski needed to see exactly how insensitive these Utusan fucks can be. And what did the front page and page 2 say, exactly? Well, read it for yourself (in PDF).Walski69, myAsylum, Jul 2009

For the benefit of readers who doesn’t read Malay, the article basically claims that Yasmin Ahmad was a man.

It has been reported that the local media and Ad agencies had launched a one month boycott against Utusan and Kwong Wah (presumely who published a similar article). The boycott will start on 10 August 2009.

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5 thoughts on “Yasmin Ahmad (1958-2009)- Part II”

  1. AFAIK, I don’t see there’s negativity about Yasmin’s gender in that article. I think this (Yasmin was a man) was mentioned in Chinese.cari.com.my even before her death.

    It became “sensational” because it was mentioned just after her death. Even though Yasmin might be a man, would you support less of her? Would you stop watching her movies?. NO. because you don’t care whether she’s man , he’s woman. or whatsoever. You admire her because of her work, not because she’s a guy, he’s woman.

    stop jumping to conclusions and read between the lines.

  2. please, nothing that can come out from utusan that’s good. they are racist to the core, and whacks anything that is not pro-ketuanan melayu, or more like ketuanan umno. f*ck utusan man, i hope they burn

  3. chuoming, it is advisable that you read the article in the first place before you start your cussing.If you have read it, then you probably learned nothing from reading it.

  4. Yasmin Ahmad is a true Malaysian. Man or Woman is her choice. She does it according to Islamic set of rules. As for me, she is a better human in promoting racial harmony and againts racial discrimination than most of us in Malaysia. I salute a beautiful soul.

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