work sucks today..

Work sucks today. Couple of my colleagues weren’t around so the firm was pretty quiet.
I spent the entire day studying for my exam tomorrow. Well so called examination, it’s just an open book exam. However, the amount of shit I had to read was so much till I had permanent brain damage.

Well, after my CLP, I’m thinking of doing litigation work for a year or two. This is an area most newbie lawyers try to avoid but for the sake of experience, I dont mind getting fucked by the judge, senior lawyers, policeman, court clerks, other lawyers, cleaning lady etc…

7 thoughts on “work sucks today..”

  1. Cheng-Leong, do you mean, LITERALLY, that you wouldn’t mind getting fucked by the judge etc.? Hee hee! WoOooo … your line of work’s really interesting -lah!

  2. what if its a guy judge? ;p what if starwing happens to be da judge? *look at leong* muahahah eh CLP is the one they had quota on how many student can pass a year rite? no matter how high ur marks can be? good luck .. haf fun getting fucked by judges,senior lawyers,policemen and court clerks ;p and anyone who wanna f*** u

  3. honfaai: if you didnt know, starwing is my first cousin la ;P
    lynzzter: dowan lerr..later i got reputation as male slut in the law society..ekek btw add me on your msn! !

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