bastard neighbours..

Yesterday, my tenant’s friend had a row with one of my bastard neighbours. Apparently, this neighbour of mine damaged his car when he parked his car opposite of my neighbour’s front gate. So my tenant’s friend went up to that neighbour to clear the matter up, I mean, just to enquire what happened. However, this bastard neighbour of mine ended up shouting and screaming at him and scolded him for parking in front of her house. I don’t know what happened in the end, I wasn’t at home!

Well, we used to be in good terms with this bastard neighbour of mine (Let’s call her BN short form for bastard neighbour). I used to go to her house to learn piano and English. That was many years ago, when I was in primary school.

One day, BN was blasting her music loudly. So one of my tenants went up to her to complain cause my tenant was trying to study. Same scenario happened, my tenant got scolded but the aftermath was worst. BN and her family came up to my house and made noise. At first they were shouting and screaming outside my house, but we ignored them anyway.

But one night, while I was having tuition, they came with weapons. They smashed my dad’s windscreen and our glass door. We locked ourselves in the house but Dad was so pissed off that he went out and punched BN. I don’t really know what happened after Dad punched BN. Maybe Dad kungfu-ed BN and her family and they ran away, or probably BN and her family overpowered Dad and kicked my dad’s ass. I don’t know but after that incident, we lodged a police report and they were arrested.

However, we did not press charges against them. Dad didn’t want to actually cause as neighbours, we shouldn’t be in bad terms all the time. If we went ahead and press charges against them, they will probably do some shit in revenge.

My other neighbours were also not in good terms with BN. So bad till BN decided to barricade themselves by building huge walls surrounding their house and a video camera outside to monitor the front gate.

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  1. how come your neighbourhood always has “events” going on?so happening geh? mahem ;p never ceased to make me wonder.OUG must be one heck of a happening housing area man.. and btw,sexx0r did u like took arts as one of ur subjects @ sheffield? 😛

  2. wah leong seriously! i should consider shifting to OUG man! hahahaha anyway yeah you should start a comic or something like that! damn funny ler! hrmph i think ure bn neighbour deserved to be whacked! such barbaric people! my goodness! like never learn manners before!

  3. Eh WH4 you ought to come out with a series of comics on your housing area.. for sure can sell one!! muahahahaha….

  4. everytime i read your page, they will be accounts on what happened in your neighbourhood. that’s one helluva exciting place to live in, eh?

  5. ehehe, wat programme u use to draw ur comic wor? did you make up ur story, so that u can draw more comics? 😛 just joking.. your neighbours damn violent man!

  6. ur neighbourhood freaking exciting man!!!!! i wish i got a BN to spice up my life….LOL!!! so i can kung-fu-ed my neighbour too…. shiok shiok!!! housing area dem sien mannn!!!!!!! i scream oso nobody come out

  7. sow: cannot la uncle, all i can draw is stick man..kekekematemate: dont worry i will protect u!! ivan: keke thanks.. eh are you the ivan i know? d one i went atmosphere wif last week?gavyin: it’s the house next to the house opposite mine..chuoming: donno man, maybe they’re from kelantan hahahhahornyfai: hello..i’m a law graudate..we dont have art subjects..euml depends hwo u define art.. basically i dont draw things la ;D iris: pls to shift to OUG…pls pls plsssss ehehehesuisui the wL4: dowan comic all insutl people one..hehejasmine: it’s a living hell here laaa..hehehe..oh i know u jasmine? intro! irene: maybe u moan people might come out..ekkekeepenny: er..i was having tuition that time laaakim: eum.. wel..kinda safe..ehehblossom: i use paint shop pro 😀 wanted to use microsoft paint but i accidentally uninstalled it..kekekpikey: ano hito tachi wa totemo baka yo! frank: haha more to come! 😀

  8. After Gavin threatened to commit suicide, Leong has changed the feature of his blog from Gavin to his wacky neighbours! HAHAHA!! Good one, man! Laugh my head off!

  9. johlin: dowan la lazy kekekesehsehlan: tqq..kekekeselina: gayvin: yeah..he’ll be my next target again soon hauahuahuahuaaa

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